Prestige Roulette Review
Playtech LIVE Dealer Game

Prestige Roulette with LIVE Dealer Prestige Roulette with LIVE Dealer

Prestige Roulette from Playtech is the VIP of LIVE Roulette games. This variation of the game is based on European Roulette that provides a gaming experience that even land-based casinos cannot compare to. Players will be able to enjoy the game to the fullest with HD quality and various camera angles. Playtech has also included slow motion options that show the results of each ball drop in the most incredible HD quality. The game can be enjoyed at home on PC or while on the go on any iOS or Android devices, which includes tablets and smartphones.

Players who have enjoyed land-based or virtual Roulette will understand how important options and various bet amounts are. For this reason and much more, Playtech has added large table limits and options that cannot be matched by any LIVE casino as it provides a real Roulette experience for players from low to high rollers at the same table, also making it very easy to enjoy progressive gaming opportunities.

LIVE Prestige Roulette Playtech Features

LIVE Prestige Roulette provides many useful features for all users to take advantage of. The high-definition cameras provide an incredible overview of the game itself while giving players the options to choose different camera angles to get the best view of the table. This also includes a reply feature that shows how the ball landed on the winning number in close detail. The angle section is not required as players can choose to leave the option, resulting in angles changing by itself to highlight all the action in each round.

The betting and options table can be hidden between rounds that will provide a better view of the game itself while the ball is in motion. The angle feature will remain available without the betting menu in place, meaning the cameras can be changed in full-screen view as well. As soon as the round is over and a winning number has been selected, the menu will automatically reappear and provide reward values along with new betting options for the series that follows.

Playtech has included that latest software with Prestige Roulette that provides easy adjustments no matter the device played on. Playing on a massive screen or switching to a smaller display will not have any major effects on the game as it automatically adjusts to the screen. The same occurs with mobile gaming as the software automatically adjusts to the screen size and features. So switching from an iPhone to iPad Mini or 12” Pro, will not have any effect on the features or views available. The game features can also be accessed with internet browser for devices not operating on iOS or Android as Playtech as enabled HTML5 on their games.

Prestige Roulette Dealers and Table

Playtech ensures players will be able to take advantage of a professional game experience with well-trained dealers that are both friendly and skilled with the games they provide. Tables have been designed in a way that represents those of land-based casinos. High-quality tables are used to ensure players have the full casino experience no matter where or from what device they access the game.