Quantum Roulette Review
Playtech LIVE Dealer Game

Quantum Roulette with LIVE Dealer Quantum Roulette with LIVE Dealer

If you’re into LIVE Casino games, you know that the absolute masters when it comes to innovation in LIVE Dealer games are Evolution Gaming and Playtech. With its newest launch, Playtech has proven once again why it is considered the king of online gambling.

Quantum Roulette is the newest release by the developer, which gives you the chance to play a game similar to Evolution’s Lightning Roulette, with all the Multipliers involved in it.

Quantum Roulette LIVE Features

Quantum Roulette is the developer’s first LIVE Dealer game ever that offers Multipliers of up to 500x when winning on certain roulette numbers. With the Multipliers, Playtech has added a little extra edge to the game of European Roulette, giving you something to play for during each of the game rounds.

In essence, Quantum Roulette is a standard European Roulette game to which up to 5 random Multipliers can be added to random straight-up numbers. These Multipliers can go from 50x to 500x, in 50x increments. It goes like this: a random number chosen with the Quantum Boost gets a 50x Multiplier, which thanks to the Quantum Leap can randomly be doubled or tripled to a max of 500x.

A Random Number Generator is used to randomly select the straight-up numbers that will get the Multipliers. Straight-up numbers that do not have a Multiplier pay 29:1, contrary to the payouts these numbers give in standard European or American Roulette versions, which are 35:1.

Before the Auto Slingshot Roulette wheel is spun, the Multipliers are assigned to the straight-up numbers, so that you cannot see which number will get a Multiplier. The wheel is controlled through compressed air, and lasers are being used to read the results.


The wheel is a fully automated Slingshot Wheel that has been sealed and operated using advanced motors, compressed air and lasers. This means that the dealer has no interaction with it and has no part in spinning the wheel or introducing the ball to it.

The studio design is the best part of the game. Playtech has made sure it looks absolutely astonishing, with special effects in the background and on the floor, and around the wheel, that reminds you of a computer matrix, with all the blue neon lights you can see. 

The playing interface in Quantum Roulette is just like the one in any other roulette game by Playtech. You get the game statistics that display the results of the last 12 spins.


The bets to play Quantum Roulette range in different LIVE casinos that offer the game. But most often, the minimum bets start at $0.20, while the maximum go up to $500.00.

With the Multipliers included, you get the chance to multiply your wins of up to 500x. If you would win a maximum of $500.00 for an even bet without Multipliers available, it means that you could win $250,000.00 for these bets with the 500x Multiplier involved. Naturally, there are bets that pay way more, so you can only imagine the maximum payouts you could win playing Quantum Roulette!


With so many roulette versions and variants available on the market, one would think that there is not much left for developers to do to make the game of roulette more interesting. But they’d be really wrong. Playtech saw the potential in implementing Multipliers in its LIVE Dealer games and used it to its advantage, creating an entirely different experience for its fan base. Quantum Roulette is a game that would appeal to any roulette player because it gives improved payouts, and who wouldn’t like to win more? With the addition of the Quantum Leap and Quantum Boost, it was made even more exciting, providing roulette fans with a roulette experience like no other.