Rocket Roulette Review
NetEnt LIVE Dealer Game

Rocket Roulette with LIVE Dealer Rocket Roulette with LIVE Dealer

Rocket Roulette, as its title implies, is NetEnt’s version of Evolution and Playtech’s Speed Roulette. It has hit the tables after its regular LIVE Roulette games, naturally, and is 6 seconds faster than it. So, if you’re up for a faster play, you should definitely look it up, as super-fast, 10-second bets will be at your disposal. The spin-to-spin time may not be as in other Speed Roulette versions, but still, Rocket Roulette is a game worth considering.

Rocket Roulette LIVe Dealer Features

The first thing you need to know about Rocket Roulette is that it is a standard European roulette variant. Therefore, in terms of gameplay, you should know what to expect. You can place bets on the standard roulette betting grid, or you can opt for the racetrack if that's easier for you.

So, what makes the game different than standard roulette variants is the speed. In NetEnt’s standard Roulette variant the spin-to-spin time is 48 seconds. In Rocket Roulette, though, the time is reduced to 42 seconds. And while that makes a difference when these two variants are compared when you compare Rocket Roulette with the versions by Evolution Gaming and Playtech, you’ll see that actually NetEnt’s version is not that fast. In fact, Playtech’s Speed Roulette has a spin-to-spin time of 34 seconds. Evolution’s, though, is really lightening, with 25 seconds.

But, NetEnt’s intention with Rocket Roulette was probably not to create the fastest roulette game out there but to create a faster version of its own standard roulette version. Its distinctive, contemporary design and talkative dealers make you want to return to the game, so that's a plus.


As mentioned, Rocket Roulette looks really great. Fitted to the title, the background shows photos of the space out of a tiny window, and the entire studio is designed to look like the inside of a spaceship.

The cheerful dealer greets you and invites you to place your bet, and out loud announces the results of each round. You also get an additional screen that appears once the wheel starts spinning to ensure you get a good look of the winning number. To talk to the dealers, you can use the LIVE Chat option. 

On the right side, you can see the results of the previous 15 rounds. This comes quite in handy when trying to decide which bets to place. Finally, you have the settings button, where you can control background music, casino sounds, video quality and sound effects.


The betting range, as with most LIVE Casino games, depends on the casino you’re playing. Rocket Roulette offers a minimum bet of $0.50 in almost all online casinos, but the maximum bet can vary. In most cases, you could place no more than $100.00, but there are casinos which allow up to $900.00.

The RTP the game offers is quite good, 97.30% and the payouts offered are just about the same as in normal European roulette versions.


The reality is, Rocket Roulette really does look amazing. It is themed, with a view of outer space from the little window behind the dealer. But even though the game was expected to be a Speed Roulette version, it actually isn’t. There are way faster versions, such as those by Playtech and Evolution, which can provide you with really amazing spin-to-spin times. Now, if you were not searching for a super-fast roulette game to play, but you enjoy playing themed LIVE Casino games, then you have all you need with Rocket Roulette. NetEnt has made sure to give you all of the functionalities and options for you to tailor your own gaming experience. Overall, it is a game you should try, so do try it and you may end up loving it.