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BetConstruct LIVE Dealer Game

Roulette with LIVE Dealer Roulette with LIVE Dealer

No online casino is complete without a few versions of the classic game like poker, baccarat and blackjack and every hardcore casino fan that bundle isn’t complete without roulette. There are many providers that have produced many versions of this game and BetConstruct is one of them. The provider specializes in the LIVE versions of the classic casino games which is why they have a LIVE Roulette game on offer.

BetConstruct’s LIVE Roulette is an all-round roulette game as it has something for everyone. The players can try out the classic version and have fun with it or they can enjoy the LIVE Fortuna version. This one is pretty unique and has some interesting features that will keep players hooked.


The LIVE version of roulette by BetConstruct is the European roulette version so it follows those rules. The players can place single zero bets as well as a few others. The latter include Snake bets, Splits, and Finale En Plein. If they have a favorite bet then players can save that one and use it in the following rounds. Additionally, the table can be displayed in a classic or a racetrack mode.

If the standard version seems too boring for you then you can always try the LIVE Fortuna roulette. It’s also a single zero roulette version that lets players place bets on Zodiac signs and corresponding seasons. The 37 slots are coupled with the 12 Zodiac sign and 4 seasons’ sectors. This game features the Neighbor Bet in the arsenal of special bets and the wheel is displayed vertically.

As BetConstruct is a provider that uses HTM5 technology in its games this means the game is available for mobile devices like smartphones and laptops. So while players are gaming on the go the LIVE dealer is always available for questions. The player can keep track of the game via the high definition video and the uninterrupted stream of it.


In the upper half of the screen, a window displays the dealer and the roulette wheel regardless if it’s vertical or otherwise. The second half of the screen is where the displays the table where the player can place bets. A smaller table below displays the player’s balance and bet amount along with the chips that are currently in use. In the upper right corner, there’s a window that shows the statistics of the last 500 spins. In the upper left corner, there’s a chatbox. In addition to these windows, there are icons that let the player adjust the audio and screen size of the game.


Like in a classic roulette game, this LIVE version of it features chips with different amounts to make the atmosphere more authentic. However, since the game is featured in the collections of games of plenty of online casinos, their amounts will differ. In general, players can place bets between €0.5 and €500 or between €1.00 and €1.000.00 but those limits are different from casino site to the casino site. If you’re used to a certain amount you’ll only have to take some time to find the casino operator that suits your needs.


If you’re into Zodiac signs and astrology then you’ll find the Fortuna version of this game to your liking. On the other hand, if you prefer a more classic approach to roulette then you can play the standards version. Whichever one you choose, the LIVE roulette by BetConstruct won’t disappoint you. Higher rewards mean higher risk and also a higher level of skill. If you’re looking for a test for your skills and the chance to win rewards then this is the game for you.