European Roulette Review
Ezugi LIVE Dealer Game

European Roulette with LIVE Dealer European Roulette with LIVE Dealer

Ezugi, a well-known LIVE game provider, has made European Roulette available to players from their Costa Rica studios where players will be able to enjoy the game with LIVE dealers and accurate results. The game is streamed to computers and mobile devices with which players will be able to wager on the table with various values and take advantage of the single zero Roulette variation. The developer has made table betting available, meaning players can be on the table, which gives a realistic feeling to the game when played from anywhere.

Each of their tables can take an unlimited number of players at the same time while offering various options and side bets such as racetrack to all players. The game does allow players to change the layout f the table and place bets on a virtual table, which changes the layout to picture in picture or wager on the table as mentioned above. Results can be seen clearly at any time, and the professional dealers will also confirm results as the ball lands on any of the 37 pockets.

Ezugi LIVE Dealer Roulette Layout

Ezugi has included all the statistical windows and settings you could possibly need. These windows are shown in the LIVE roulette games options in the bottom right-hand corner, which will display hot and cold numbers, give you a percentage of colors, low and high numbers, and much more.

All player options are shown below the table. This will include the chip values available in radiant colors, contemporary account balances, as well as the betting total, and winnings. Most of the time, players will find other table games are presented int eh background, which makes the complete casino feel of the game a lot more realistic.

To the right of the table, players will be able to see the history that will show the last 10 numbers played. One of the advantages with LIVE dealers is that stats as the history can be viewed for spins that were played before you joined the game.

How to Play

Once signed in, a game might be in session in which case you would need to wait only a few seconds for the next bet window to open. Once opened, players will be able to choose chip values and place them on the table. All betting options presented in land-based casinos will be available, but table limits will allow low and high rollers to find the values desired.

Betting options include number bets (straight), placing a chip between 2 numbers (split), a chip on a corner of 4 numbers (corners), as well as all the outside bet options and outside since bets that cover multiple numbers. Since a large range of betting values are available, users are able to use betting systems, making the LIVE Roulette option from Ezugi perfect for all players.