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HoGaming LIVE Dealer Game

Roulette with LIVE Dealer Roulette with LIVE Dealer

HoGaming is probably not as widely known as other LIVE dealer service providers, although its high-quality status and flawless LIVE roulette streaming reputation ensured that some of the major operators are eager to use its products and services.

Unlike some of its main competitors such as Evolution Gaming and Playtech exploring the UK market, HoGaming operates from studios located in the Philippines. All LIVE dealer table is hosted by croupiers trained in Macau, Asian professionalism lends an exciting flavour to the HoGaming LIVE roulette experience.

Visually Attractive HoGaming LIVE Roulette Offerings

What makes HoGaming studios distinctively stand out is the Oriental-styled backdrops, and Asian angle and to ensure that players can hear announcements by the dealer a handy voice-over is used. One thing the developer is praised for is that its LIVE dealer casinos operated faster and compared to games offered by its main competitors, the roulette wheel runs at least 15% faster. Players taking a seat at HoGaming LIVE roulette tables can enjoy a friendly chat with the dealer via the chat box, which adds fun and a personal touch to online play. What makes the developers popular is that players never complain about waiting around.

The roulette playing is also sophisticatedly different than those of other developers that are more jazzed up with betting grids offering a more pseudo-LIVE casino experience. It is HoGaming’s uncomplicated approach that impresses most, and the practical betting network is designed to provide easy uncluttered options. Players have plenty of options to customise their playing experience even though the studios offer a more colourful experience and players have access to hot and cold numbers as well as other game statistics.

HoGaming Roulette Variations

LIVE roulette is offered from two different studios, the Grand LIVE Studio offers thirteen LIVE dealer games in total, which includes LIVE Roulette. The LIVE Classic Studio features fifteen different tables and also offers video streamed roulette.

At most online casinos offering HoGaming Roulette, members can enjoy access to an unlimited number of tables, and around 46 games take place per hour allowing play from a vast selection of betting options. Known for fast rounds players can focus on play and winning more in shorter periods of time. Other games offered at HoGaming LIVE casinos includes HoGaming Baccarat allowing up to 75 games to take place per hour, while HoGaming LIVE Blackjack offers both regular and European versions. Other popular LIVE dealer games include Sic Bo tables provided at regular, high roller and private tables, while HoGaming Dragon Tiger is enjoyed by a wide player audience.

HoGaming focuses on developing the best LIVE dealer experience, and designs keep up with technological advancements. While several games could be enjoyed via mobile devices in 2015, the developer announced its HTML5 version software in 2016, which strengthened cross-channel access offered exceptional gameplay on all Android mobile devices and iOS operating systems.

HoGaming’s LIVE roulette is perfect for players who enjoy visual perfection but at the same time wants to focus on strategic play especially if they believe statistics have a strong influence on future outcomes. Efficiently laid out lobbies offer different categories and bet options stars from 1 up to 2,000.


HoGaming’s LIVE dealer Roulette is on par with any other LIVE dealer roulette but its main attractive feature is the faster rate of play. While 15% may not seem like a high percentage, it does allow for a larger number of extra gameplay that can result in larger profits for those who are quick on their feet per say. The game quality is more than acceptable and the dealers are professional as is the studio enviroment in which the games are houseed.