LIVE Dealer European Roulette Medialive Review

Medialive LIVE Dealer European Roulette Table Medialive LIVE Dealer European Roulette Gameplay

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Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.20 - 10,000

LIVE Roulette Medialive is beautifully presented in front of a professional Malta Casino background with high-definition audio and video providing the perfect casino atmosphere for online players testing their luck from home. Players that wish to play on the go will also be pleased to know that LIVE Roulette can be enjoyed on all Windows, Blackberry, Android, and iOS devices, as well as tablets. Game is enjoyed in a European format featuring a single zero with a house edge of only 2.70%. Due to Medialive’s quality standards and high efficiency, the overall flow of the game is easy and smooth, with more than 60 extractions every hour that are overseen by multilingual LIVE dealer professionals.

Apart from a public chat feature, a help section offering game rules and multiple bets options, and several viewing options, players can also customise the LIVE Roulette game thanks to a built-in preference tab. Within the preference tab, players can view previous bets made by players, activate the Tooltip options, change the video quality, and adjust the sound settings for the game.

How to play LIVE Roulette Medialive

Players will have up to 30 seconds to make their wagers before the dealer will close all bets and spin the white ball in one direction while the roulette wheel is spun in the opposite direction. Wager statistics will be displayed on the left-hand side of the screen, situated above the roulette wheel, and players can even choose the chart view to display real-time wagers as well as the last 100 rounds. The roulette table also features additional sections, such as cold or hot numbers that might come up. Percentages indicate these numbers.

Wagers can be submitted by merely clicking on the chip size a player wishes to bet and place it on the wide variety of betting options, either for inside bets or outside bets. Before the dealer closes all bets, players can remove their current wagers and start completely from scratch, or even skip a spin. Players will also be delighted to know that Medialive included a re-bet feature, allowing players to bet the same wager they used on their last stake. This convenient feature can save quite a lot of time without having to place your chips from scratch.

The table layout can also be adjusted to display the full racetrack length, which can also be conveniently hidden away by a simple click of a button. To view previous bets placed by other players, players merely need to click on the grey area displayed above the racetrack, and the positions of the last chips will be highlighted.

Key Features

Players are treated to fantastic game statistics that offer up to 100 previous bets, have optional display functionality of other player’s bets that are updated within seconds, view a list of some of the highest wagers and the top roulette winners, as well as advanced game settings and the option to customise the interface. Players will also be pleased to know that an unlimited number of players can join in on the action from across the globe.


LIVE Roulette Medialive provides top-quality in both video and audio along with attractive LIVE dealers that are professional, chatty, and very friendly. The statistics page is certainly a unique feature that allows players to view up to 100 hands to make an educated decision before placing their chips on the table.

The high-def audio and video make this version of roulette stand out. The added ability to check game stats for the previous 100 hands, and variety of betting options allows for a far greater strategy to be employed, and this is particularly useful for both beginners and seasoned players alike. A few unique aspects are the option to view other players bets and different display options.