European Roulette Review
NetEnt LIVE Dealer Game

European Roulette with LIVE Dealer European Roulette with LIVE Dealer

NetEnt provides a range of entertaining video slots, table games, and excellent LIVE dealer games on various game types. This includes multiple variations of Roulette, along with their most popular, European Roulette. The game is referred to as just Roulette, but actually offers a range of features and winnings with each wager placed. Standard LIVE dealer roulette rules apply, and players will be able to enjoy the company of the beautiful dealers and side bet options offered.

NetEnt offers massive winnings for any wager amount, which allows beginners and experts to win big and enjoy a fair gaming experience that cannot be matched by any land based casino. The developer has made it easy for players multiple game options and settings are offered. With each hand played, players will find accurate results and a professional game from the dealers.


NetEnt LIVE Roulette consists of only European Roulette, but players will find various types of the game from NetEnt. This is seen as the standard Roulette variation when provides a massive table limit. However, players who enjoy higher betting options can take advantage of VIP roulette that featured even higher limits for high rollers.

NetEnt also has an Automatic Roulette variation that will provide the same LIVE winning opportunities but does not have a LIVE dealer. The game is played mechanically but works the same way as LIVE. Players can see the bets from other players and use the chat option offered.

NetNet LIVE Dealer Roulette Table

The full betting table is shown on the screen where players get to choose the value from the chips at the bottom of the screen and click on the table where you would like to place a bet. LIVE Dealer Roulette from NetEnt offers all the traditional betting options, including side bets such as odds and evens, colors, twelves, or first and last 18’s. Players who choose to wager on the inside of the table can place chips in various locations. Some of the most popular include straight bets, line betting, corners, street, and much more. The payouts are the same as those expected in LIVE casinos, meaning the highest 35:1 can be won with straight bets.

Racetrack betting can be accessed by with the icon shown below the hot and cold numbers. On the other side of the dealer, the game will display game info, which includes the current dealer name and chat options to communicate with other players and the dealer.

The dealer stands right at the back behind the wheel, but NetEnt has made it possible to see the table and wheel, but also see the dealer clearly. Most of the dealers are friendly and quite entertaining with their chats. Players are greeted as they enter the room, making everyone feel welcome and ready for a great game.

How to Play LIVE Roulette

Once you’ve joined the table, you will need to wait for the current round to end, which only takes a few second. Once bets are open, you can place your best as the dealer puts the ball in motion. The camera angle will change as the bets are closed where players will get a better view of the table itself, but still be able to see their bets as the table is still shown.