Roulette Turbo Review
Authentic Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Roulette Turbo with LIVE Dealer Roulette Turbo with LIVE Dealer

If you’ve played in LIVE online casinos powered by Authentic Gaming, you know that the developer is focused on creating LIVE Roulette variants and versions only. And while most of its games are pretty standard, there’s this European variant called Authentic Roulette Turbo, which offers something unique, which would appeal to any roulette player ready for quick action, hence the “turbo” part of its name.

The game differs from any other in one crucial thing: the 60 seconds betting time in the game starts when the wheel is spun! The aim in the game is to provide you with 60 spins in one hour, making this roulette variant one of the fastest on the market.

Roulette Turbo Authentic Gaming Features

The star feature in the game is the betting time, without a doubt. Authentic Roulette Turbo gives you 60 seconds from the second the wheel was spun to place your bet.

So, you will see on the user interface when the betting time starts and you will need to act quickly. You will see different chip sizes displayed on the interface, so you will need to click or tap on the preferred one for it to be virtually transferred on the table. When the ball lands on a particular number, the results are not only immediately announced but they are also immediately paid out. You will also see a little pop up on the left side of the screen showing you the winning number.


You probably know that almost all Authentic LIVE Roulette variants are streamed from real land-based casinos. Authentic Roulette Turbo is streamed from Hilton Hotel in Georgia, Batumi. Therefore, you will get an unrivalled experience, one that will take you to the casino floor of a real brick-and-mortar casino. You will see the luxurious details, the professional dealers, the huge tables, and the magnificent wheel. And you will see all that thanks to the 5 camera angles which clearly show you the action. The table is open from 11:00 am to 05:00 am (CET).

All of the Authentic Gaming games are compatible with mobile devices, and so is Authentic Roulette Turbo. Not only that, but their interface is fitted to any screen size, and adaptable to mobile devices with any operating system.


The minimum bet you can place to play Authentic Roulette Turbo is €0.50. However, you could also bet up to €50 per spin, if you’d like to.

The Outside and the High/Low bets pay 1:1, the Column/Section 2:1, Six Line 5:1, Corner 8:1, Street 11:1, Split 17:1, and Straight Up 35:1. As mentioned, the second the winning number is announced, you get paid.  


If you’re up for a quick round of LIVE Roulette, Authentic Roulette Turbo is the game for you. With 60 seconds to bet, many bets to place with great odds, the game is perfect for any adrenaline-seeking roulette player. The fact that it is streamed from a real brick-and-mortar casino in Georgia, and the table is open from 11:00 am until 05:00 am only makes it more appealing to players. And finally, the fact that you can watch the action from 5 camera angles, and know precisely what’s going on every second only proves that this game was designed to perfection. Make sure you try it out.