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VIVO Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Roulette with LIVE Dealer Roulette with LIVE Dealer

Vivo Gaming offers online players the opportunity to experience an authentic LIVE roulette experience from anywhere including via desktop, Mac or mobile devices. An everlasting experience is delivered from land-based casinos, and roulette tables can manage any number of online players simultaneously.

LIVE Roulette dealer’s host's games in multiple languages and unique Vivo roulette features include uncut full HD auto-moving cameras offering views that ensures players have access to all dealer and roulette actions. Online players have full access to game statistics including hot and cold numbers and the game history, and customisation options include video resolution including viewing mode 2D or 3D and sound. By selecting either 3D or 2D the viewing mode slightly alters the table layout.

LIVE Roulette Vivo Gaming Features

Regardless the variant, the main objective in LIVE Roulette is to predict where the ball will stand. Roulette is an uncomplicated game and can be enjoyed by both pros and beginners. Every possible detail of the game is explained in the rule guide to ensure players are well equipped to enjoy every spin of the wheel.

Bets can be placed within a limited period, and depending on players bet type, minimum or maximum bets are indicated. Straight up bets can be placed from 1 up to 10 while additional details are offered via the limits section for all bet types. The highest payout rate is for straight up bets at 35:1, while splits offer 17:1 and 11:1 for a street bet. Line bets and corner bets pay 5:1 and 8:1 while the lowest payouts are offered via half board bets at 1:1 and dozens at 2:1.

Key Benefits

By selection Vivo Gaming’s LIVE Roulette players get a full view of the studio and can keep an eye on the spinning of the wheel while bets can be placed easily via the large betting option display on the right side of the wheel. The layout offers bets on odd/even numbers, numbers 1 to 18 or 19 to 36, while the horsetrack bets can be placed by selecting the track placed in the centre below the table. Players can easily keep an eye on their betting, latest win and bet size is offered in the lower left corner while quick betting option offered on the right side include rebet, remove and undo.

The Vivo LIVE Dealer Roulette experience is enhanced by bilingual professionally trained croupiers, while the players enjoy two viewing modes. The gaming statistics provide players who use different strategies with all the information needed to place bets while previous winnings and bets are offered via the game history. Players can rely on uninterrupted gaming session while enjoying LIVE roulette broadcasted from land-based casino offering real-time interaction with dealers.

3D Vivo Gaming Roulette

Vivo Gaming announced the launch of its 3D LIVE Roulette interface in December 2016 and the one-of-a-kind interface provides full-HD views, filmed via robotic camera moves that zoom into the wheel frame seconds before the rolling the ball takes place. The release of 3D game design, larger betting areas, easy access to chat, game limits, game rules and game options and ensures quicker loading times on desktop and mobile HTML5 LIVE dealer roulette, hosted by stunning Asian, European and Latin dealers.


There are multiple advantages to the Vivo Gaming LIVE Roulette. While LIVE games are, for the most part, the same, the power comes in the software powering the LIVE dealer games, and in that respect VivGaming has done well. The quality of table angles and coverage of gameplay is superb allowing you as a player to have a truly new experience. Add into the mix the use of professionally trained dealers that are honest and friendly and you have a perfect platform to play roulette without the need to leave the comfort of home.