LIVE Dealer Sizzling Hot Roulette Extreme Live Gaming Review

Extreme Live Gaming LIVE Dealer Sizzling Hot Roulette Table Extreme Live Gaming LIVE Dealer Sizzling Hot Roulette Gameplay

Sizzling Hot LIVE Roulette is part of the Roulette / Video Slot combination presented by Extreme LIVE Gaming. This is a combination that includes the action of a video slot and the exciting winning opportunities of LIVE European Roulette. Players have the option to place a since bet to win up to 80:1 with slots and enjoy Roulette with all its choices and features with winning ranging up to 35:1. The developer has ensured users have the ability to take advantage of all the options presented by Roulette, including a side bet with racetrack. Mobile gaming is optional with iOS and Android devices, including both tablets and smartphones. PC gaming is presented with instant play, which also allows users to access the game with other smart devices with HTML5.

The game is easy to play with either option and the same amazing betting range and chip values will be available. This means nothing has changed regarding player options and game settings. A LIVE dealer will offer the Roulette game in a progressional manner and players will be able to have a clear view of the wheel as well as a zoomed in result confirmation after each round.

How Sizzling Hot Roulette Works

Since nothing has been changed on the Roulette side of the game, players are able to place bets in various ways with the options presented in the standard game. These options include number betting, line bets, odds and even, colors, and much more. The table also shows a racetrack betting option, which includes groups to take advantage of the best numbers. Since betting takes place virtually, the game will highlight the figures covered as bets are placed. Sizzling Hot LIVE Roulette will host multiple players at a time, which will have no effect on your game.

The video slot addition is also very easy to play and provides users with multiple options. The game will be played at the identical time as LIVE dealer roulette, meaning the reel will spin while the ball is in motion. To place a bet on the slot, you need to choose one or more symbols that you think might appear in the centre position of the reel after the spin. There are 7 options to choose, which are shown above the betting platform for Roulette. Players can place chips on any of the symbols to receive winning when those symbols appear.

The game can be played with either game or both, which includes your opportunity to win. Players will be able to trigger payouts up to 115 times the wager placed when straight numbers are played and the slot rewards with the highest paying symbol.

Sizzling hot LIVE Roulette Layout

The layout will be more familiar to players who have played Roulette with Extreme LIVE Gaming as the same layout is presented. The only different with the game is that the dealer will appear in a smaller window and the video slot reel in presented next to her. Players can still take advantage of game history and stats and those options are displayed to the left of the dealer along with current winning numbers and chat on the far right.