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The Best LIVE Roulette Casinos List 2020

There are a lot of LIVE roulette casinos today just because the game is so popular, and it can be tricky at best to find a solid option. Not all casino sites are reliable, and on top of that, it's hard to recommend a single site that's the best for all players. The simple fact of the matter is that different players prefer different things, so we have a different approach. We want to show players the best LIVE roulette casinos as a group and show what makes them a little different from each other. From there, we believe players will have the information that they need to make a personalized decision.

LIVE Roulette Casinos Bonus Options

Bonuses and promotions are a good place to start. The key to a solid bonus for LIVE dealer roulette is that the terms and conditions don't make it too difficult to clear. The main condition to look at is the set of wagering requirements, or the minimum amount of total bets that a player has to make before he or she is allowed to cash out. The point here is that the casinos have to protect themselves against players who would abuse the promotions without actually caring about playing the games. However, LIVE casino roulette players can still find some profitable bonus options, and we'll walk through every detail that players need to know.

For example, we know that the best LIVE roulette bonus for one player might not be the best for another, and that's why we have detailed breakdowns of the wagering requirements, game restrictions, maximum cash outs, cashability and other details of any offer that applies to the LIVE dealer games at any site we recommend.

Game Selection Issues

There are four major types of roulette available, and the best LIVE roulette style is French. However, French roulette can't always be found, so sometimes players should opt for European instead. The inside bets are exactly the same for these games, but the even money bets like red, black, odd and even have slightly better payouts with a lower house advantage in the French version of the game. The best LIVE casinos will have French roulette available, but European is just as good for many because they have the same payouts and odds on the inside bets. It's worth noting that some will also offer mini and American roulette, both of which should be avoided.

Bet Sizing Ranges

Because of the upkeep involved with having LIVE dealers, high-definition video equipment, different protections for fairness, etc., the minimum bet sizes for LIVE roulette casinos are a bit higher than what you'll find in traditional online casino games. It'll be hard to find a game where you can play for less than $1 per spin, and that's going to be a bit more than some penny stakes players are comfortable with. However, the minimum bet can be as high as $10 per spin, which is outside of the reach of many players. Along these lines, the best online casino LIVE roulette games for a particular player will include betting ranges that fit that player's bankroll.

Making the Best Decision

The information that we provide about each LIVE dealer casino worth considering is there to make it easier for players to decide where to play. The choice of where to play is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, and what works for one player might not work for another for the reasons we have explored above.

With that having been said, we do want to make sure that every player is able to enjoy peace of mind in knowing that they will be paid if they go on a big winning run, and that's why we only recommend sites that have a strong history and great reputation of fast, reliable withdrawals and quick, friendly customer service. These are some of the things that all players want, and we make sure that every one of the LIVE roulette casinos we recommend has them.