Ezugi LIVE

Ezugi is one of the new developers on the block and has been in the LIVE dealer casino game business since 2013. The developer has impressed with a wide range of LIVE dealer games while offering professional services with high-quality video feeds in each of the games they offer. Players will be able to enjoy games such as Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat while also being provided LIVE Lottery and Keno with the same features.

The developer aims to accommodate all players by present huge table limits that allow low rollers and high rollers to play at the same table without even knowing. These broad restrictions also make progressive gaming a pleasure with the range of chip values available.

The dealers are always friendly and professional with the games offered. Players have the ability to enjoy chat options with the dealer and other players at the table, making the game most entertaining and bringing the land-based casino feel to online gaming.

Ezugi LIVE Dealer Casinos List

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Roulette Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.25 - €5,000
Blackjack Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €5 - €5,000
Baccarat Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €1 - €5,000
Poker Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.50 - €5,000
Roulette Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.25 - 5,000
Blackjack Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: ---
Baccarat Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: ---
Poker Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: ---

Game Selection

Ezugi features various options that allow new players and experts to wager and receive fair rewards. Most of their variations include side bets, which are optional. Side bets will require an additional wager, but also provides the ability to win much higher values.


Baccarat with this developer is a breeze as they have included all the options you could possibly desire on an easy to use table. The game includes the standard player, banker, and tie bet options, but will also offer perfect pairs, which reward up to 11:1. Playing the normal game will result in standard payouts, which reflect those expected from any land-based casino.


Ezugi provides side bet options for Blackjack as well. The game lets you play 21+3 or perfect player, which can be played at the same time, or none. The rest of the game is presented with a professional dealer and the standard payouts for winning hands. The dealer needs to stand on any 17 but hit on 16 or lower. Various bet values provide a gaming experience for all levels and account balances, making it easy to use different strategies as well.


Players can enjoy a European Roulette variation that offers all the traditional betting options, outside bets, and racetrack. The game is featured with bright and vibrant graphics that makes betting on the actual table a lot more realistic, not to mention the clear results with each round.

Keno & Lottery

Ezugi is one of few developers that provide Lottery and Keno LIVE dealer games. These can be played continuously and produce draws every few minutes. The game will once again offer these options with high-quality video feeds and also include professional dealers to ensure an experience you will never forget.


Players who enjoy a bigger list of games, which includes Keno and Lottery type games are sure to enjoy Ezugi Gaming. The developer might be new, but has rover itself worthy with its selection of games and quality each game is presented with.