Live Roulette Systems and Tips

As a new roulette player, you have probably noticed that you cannot predict the number the ball will land on. And it is basically impossible to predict that unless you're some kind of a magician or you have special skills. Which you probably don't. Therefore, you must be wondering how come there are so many roulette strategies and systems available on our site.

Well, the reality is, clever men in the past have created systems and strategies that help you to understand LIVE Dealer Roulette. And while most of these systems and strategies were invented for offline roulette, they can most certainly be used for online and even LIVE Roulette.

If you explore our list of various LIVE Roulette systems, you will see that there are strategies that are based on different concepts, but they all have the same scope: help you win this game of chance. Yes, that’s right. Roulette is a game of chance, but you can make the odds work in your favour.


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Introduction to Roulette betting systems

The typical roulette player uses no real system. He is captivated by the idea of those 35:1 odds paid on the individual numbers and he is almost sure to have certain pat numbers that he'll bet fairly persistently.

As a rule, he'll scatter his 10c, 25c and 50c chips all over the center of the layout, concentrating them at one or two spots - while dreaming of the possibility of a double hit on a number which could pay him 1,225:1

The system I'll be outlining here is quite different. Whether you are playing for fun or 'real money', he should have pen and paper and chips of at least 2 different denominations, perhaps 25c and $1, or $1 and $5. The different colored chips will help you in your bet selection.

However, if you plan to confine most of your bets to 'sleepers' (numbers, colors, columns, dozens etc.) then a small notebook will come in handy to help you keep track of the various things you will want to follow. The best way to do this is to make a simple diagram of the roulette table and keep track of the game's progress.

If your notebook is lined horizontally, this will help you see at a glance the order of occurrence of all prior spins.

While I think of it, there is something that you must always keep in mind that the law of averages will always work out in the end, but beyond a reasonable point it should never be relied on to work in the short run. Whenever you decide to bet against the continuance of some abnormal sequence of events, you should decide how many times and how much money would be reasonable to bet that the sequence would end, and having made your decision never, never deviate from it.

Why Trust a Roulette System?

So, if you cannot predict where the ball will fall, and roulette is all about that, then how can a strategy help you improve your odds of winning?

Well, most strategies and systems revolve around the bets. They tell you which bet to place and when, and how big or small that bet should be. Systems are always based on mathematical formulas. They were invented by people who knew the gameplay and had excessive knowledge in maths.

Therefore, you don’t have to overthink and question why you need to place this bet then that one… These strategies have already been established, put into use and approved by the very best roulette players. If you take a look at our list, you will see that numerous systems have been invented, and new ones are appearing constantly. They have been tested and recommended by experienced players, but its not a guarantee to win. However, no matter how great a system might be, always remember that you’re playing a game of luck, and sometimes luck might not be on your side.

Using Strategies for LIVE Roulette

Before you consider choosing one strategy over another, make sure you check your roulette skills and your budget. Since LIVE Roulette cannot be played for free, hence you cannot practice, make sure you join an LIVE Roulette online casino that allows you to observe how other players are playing. Observe their moves while thinking about how you would have played a particular bet if you were playing.

Also, check how big or small bets they are placing. If your budget won’t allow such bets, you better look for a LIVE Roulette strategy that would require much smaller bets. There are different LIVE Roulette variants available online, some which require bigger and some which require smaller minimum bets. If you’re a beginner, you know you need to choose a table where the bets are smaller.

On our site, you have many systems for beginners and many for experienced LIVE Roulette players. Find one that you consider fits your needs, and make sure you understand how it works and how much you could win playing it. Only if all the pieces of the puzzle are in their place, then you can proceed using it.