2 clicker 17 split system is just taking a really good look at the American wheel and looking for the best numbers to leave open.

I have used this system time in and time out for some really fast hits at Caesars in Atlantic City.....the split pays 17-1 and all you are doing is covering the board with a large amount of “chips “.

But look at a picture of the American wheel. I always cover the “0 - 00” at all times by splitting them with a chip.

I know for a fact that the “dealers”—“coups” that spin that little ball for LIVE Dealer roulette are taught in “coup” school how to release the ball so it will land in or on those “0 - 00” .... “How do I know that?”.

I went as far as to enroll myself into “coup school”—best $2600.00 I ever spent!!!... So when you hear some “expert” says that it can’t be done!!! - I’ll take that bet for sure.

When you play the 2 clicker 17-split system you are going to make a (1) chip “profit” chip that’s it!!!....but you will get your 17-chips (recycled) back to you....look at these numbers that I recommend... There in groups of 2 and they are...( 5-6 & 17-18 )***( 11-12 & 29-30 )***( 19-20 & 31-32)**......make sure that those numbers are together when you make your splits that you leave (open).....now look at the “ wheel” 0-00 are at 12-o’clock and the 5-6-17-18 are at 3-o’clock & 9-o’clock - (“ 2-clicks”) together — “get-it?”....leave these numbers open and not covered by a chip......you lay your chips down and the wheel spins and you win. The coup will put his “marker” on the split that wins and remove “16” - (losing-chips”...pay you 17-chips and your profit chip is on the table...when he removes his marker you pick up you winning chip....now allot of people say “big-deal” it’s only one chip...I play with $100.00-chips. So I risk $1,700.00 to pick up $100.00-in profit but i go to 9 of those tables and with one spin i pick up $900.00 in profit 3-times a week and i paid off my mortgage years ago on this little system known as the 2 clicker 17 split roulette system.

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