2 Up 2 Down Roulette System

A simple progression for small to medium bankrolls

This is suitable for the Even Money bets in LIVE Roulette and could also be used for Mini Baccarat.

You commence with a 1 unit bet and you continue betting 1 unit until you lose 2 consecutive bets.

When this happens you increase your bet to 2 units and continue to bet 2 units until you:

  • win 2 consecutive bets at which point you reduce your next bet to 1 unit
  • lose 2 consecutive bets which means you increase your next bet to 3 units

The progression is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - if you reach 5 you should restart at 1 or you can continue 6, 8, 10. Just remember you go up to the next number after 2 consecutive losses and you go down one step to the next lowest number after 2 consecutive wins.

For example: if you win 2 consecutive bets of 4 units each your next bet would be 3 units.