Action Numbers Roulette System

This system bets on 10 numbers spread evenly through out the roulette wheel using just 5 chips. Their idea behind the system is that all parts of the wheel are covered. It doesn’t matter what part of the wheel the dealer hits. We have 10 chances in 37 (or 38 in the case of an American wheel) of getting a hit make your bets in the following way:

  • 1 chip on the six line 31 - 36 (which covers all of the numbers 31 to 36 inclusive)
  • 1 chip straight up on each of numbers 5,8,21,29 (European Single Zero wheel) OR 1 chip straight up on each of numbers 11,12,27,28 (American 00 wheel)

The maximum number of spaces between the numbers covered = 3 and the minimum number of spaces between the numbers covered = 2 for both the single zero wheel and the double zero wheel.

To confirm the above you can look at a roulette wheel and mark off the number covered (5,8,21,29,31,32,33,34,35,36 for a European single zero wheel OR 11,12,27,28,31,32,33,34,35,36 for an American double zero wheel).

If one of the straight up numbers wins you get a profit of 31 units (35 - 4) and if one of the numbers in the six line wins you will get a profit of 1 unit (5 - 4). If none of your numbers win you will lose 5 units.

The size of your units could be whatever you are comfortable with. Start small and work up to higher value units from your winnings. If a six line number wins, add the unit won to the next bet on the six line making a two unit bet on the six line in the next spin and one unit on each of the 4 straight up numbers.

After a win on one of the four straight up bets add an extra unit to each of the bets in the next spin making a total bet of 10 units after the first straight up win. Keep adding one unit to all of the bets after a straight up win and only add one unit to the six line after a win on the six line bet. Drop back to a single unit bet on each of the 5 bets after any loss.

Betting this way you take advantage of winning streaks and you drop back to a minimum bet on losing streaks. If you get a good winning streak you will make a killing.

Keep betting at the same table while you are on a winning streak. Change tables when you start losing or quit for the day.

You should have a stop loss point. That is, you should stop betting on a table (or even quit for the day) and cash in your chips once your losses get passed a predetermined stop loss point. Decide on your stop loss point before you start playing.

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