Advantage Roulette System

Advantage Roulette System involves exploiting knowledge of averages and standard deviations. This method is a simple and easy strategy that will achieve steady wins. It’s a method that is strictly an outside bet on the even money bets of Back / Red, Even / Odd, 1-18 / 19-36. Though one could bet all three of these at once, I think it would be rather confusing. I recommend therefore selecting just one. Personally I prefer The Odd / Even.

You will also like the Advantage Roulette strategy because it is statistically sound and It does not expect some how to escape the law of averages—it relies on it.

The even-money betting strategy of Advantage Roulette is also about winning one unit at a time, this way, losses don’t mount up quickly, should we encounter an exceptionally long losing streak. The procedure is simple. We win one unit at a time and we consider the winning of one unit as one completed round. A round ends a session as we’ve won a unit, then we start over to win another. If the first bet wins, the round ends after only one spin of the wheel. It may take four to six spins, as an average, to win a unit. When you have 4 units won, that ends this session.

Take a break or change tables or call it a day at the wheel. Its Important not to continue after a 4 units win and allow the casino to grind your winning back.

One can expect to get in at least 30 spins per hour. If our system play produces only a conservative average of 4 wins in a hour, and using $25 units as recommended, a one unit net win for every 6 spins, you can hope to win a minimum of 4 units or $100 per hour. A unit value of $50 would easily average $200 per hour. As soon as you see you have a winning system, the fear of losing will leave, and you will not have any fear in betting $25 and higher units. Since patterns can’t be predicted, make a choice and then bet the same way for the duration of the session. Don’t change your decision because of a temporary run of bad luck. Once you’ve decided on Red / Black, Odd / Even, High or Low, stick to it. Odd / Even Seems to be the favorite choices with most players.

Now lets get down to earning our money from the LIVE Dealer online casino. Remember just 1 winning session a day is $100 a day or $500 a week for a five day week. Not a bad way to supplement your present income. $50 units and you have a nice full time income of $1000 a week by playing very conservative and settling for a 1-session win per day. I would always prefer the 1 session a day because the longer you play, the greater the chance the pendulum of favor will swing back to the casinos turn to win. Then you’ll have to spend another hour or so winning back your 4-unit target goal. It has been conclusively proven to stop at a 4 unit win if best using the Professional Advantage Roulette System.

If you are seeking more money.... Just increase your bet.... Let’s get Started!


You record results of odd / even for 13 spins in a row ... after this you bet 1 unit on the one, which came out the most - i.e.. 7 times as opposed to 6 times.

You only bet 1 unit each time, and that unit can be any value - however, it is safest to have 100 times the unit bet for your bankroll-obviously a $25 or higher unit value would make you a faster profit and I strongly recommend it.

Win or lose, you continue to wager as above, each time betting on the 14th spin. I.e.. You need to cross off the first result, and replace that one with the new result each and every spin...i.e.... record the result ror the 14th spin, and cross off the result for the first spin.

Treat the zero or zero’s as a no spin. Your target is 4 units - and you will achieve this in about 1 hour... Much faster on a Internet Casino of course.


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