The Astounding Roulette Angle

I will skip all the introduction and analyse part as it builds on principles very close to my first roulette system. The only difference is that this one uses progression!

Let me learn you the system by example as this might be easier.

First number that shows is a four we bet one unit (Can be 1$ or 25 cents? Or more but I normally use one of these) on the four.

The next outcome is number 2. We lost. We bet two units each on numbers 4 and 2, 18 comes up. We have lost.

Now we bet 3 units each on 4, 2,18. Number 13 is the decision and we have lost again.

Now bet 4 units each on squares 4, 2,18,13, The number 1 showed up we lost again.

We now bet 5 units each on 4, 2,18,13,1, No win because 36 showed up.

Now we bet 6 units each on 4,2,18,13,1,36 No win as 31 shows up. So far we have wagered 91 and lost 91 units.

Now we bet 7 units each on 4,2,18,13,1,36,31 Number 2 shows up and we win! We get paid 252 units - 245 plus our seven units bet on number 2. Of course all the other stakes on 4,18,13,1,36,31 are lost, units 42 in all.  Our net profit is 112 units. Using our profits we play on. After each win we repeat with the same amount of stakes (Since one number already has repeated itself)

We bet 7 units each on 4,2,18,13,1,36,31 No win 27 came up.

Next we bet 8 units each on 4,2,18,13,1,36,31,27 No win number 24 came rolling in.

We now bet 9 units each on 4,2,18,13,1,36,31,27,24. And our number 13 wins. So far we have lost 82 units of our own chips (ofcourse counting our 112 units previous win, that is also lost now) We get paid units 324 on number 13 and our net win stands now at 242 units. Again using our profits we play on. Same stakes because of win.

9 units each on 4,2,18,13,1,36,31,27,24. We lose number 8 appeared.

Now we bet 10 units each on 4,2,18,13,1,36,31,27,24,8. Number 13 roars in again and we won. 360 units is our pay-off.

Our net win stands at 421 units for 20 minutes play! So far the ball have spun 13 times and we have won about 400 units when tipping dealer etc..

Should we play or should we start a new progression all over again? This decision is up the the individual player. I PERSONALLY PREFER TO PLAY A MINIMUM OF 12 SPINS AND A MAXIMUM OF 20 SPINS. I can tell if we had kept on playing my example we would end on a profit of 1,100 units after 20 spins which is about 38 minutes. NOT BAD. Beginners should start at the 25 cent minimum table!

My comment: The progression makes this system very risky. It can make you a lot of money but also have you lose all your bankroll!!!! 5 out of 10 people like it (50%).

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