The research was targeting ten samples of 20 actual LIVE casino spins done by 10 individual croupiers. All results were from single zero wheels, and each spin was spun opposite to the previous spin.

The aim of the research was to find the best method, to stand up to tournament play, which would be for the duration of 1 hour.

You would have to get through 3 sessions to reach the final.

The win / lose chart mentioned was the outcome of results playing a 2-1 type bet.

Just had another wonderful hour or so number crunching!!!

Targeting the same win / lose chart, the rules are:

  • Play each direction of spin separately.
  • Imagine that you are playing the 8 three number bets, but I suppose it could just as well be columns or dozens
  • You play 3 chips on each three number bet until you have a continuous run of 3 wins.
  • Then you drop down to 1 chip per bet.
  • Play this until you meet a continuous run of 2 losses.
  • Then back up to 3 chips again, and carry on in the same manner.
  • It only won 6 out of the 10 plays, so I would not play it in the tournament.

Units won were 144, 40, 136, 104, 32, 208.

Units lost were 16, 64, 112, 16.

Profit 456 - Pretty good.

There could be a few errors but it won't be far out.

That is me for the night!!

After having a good scan of things last night I think I am going to settle with my original plan, and that is the eight three number bets and trebling after a loss, treating each direction as two separate plays.

It will be 2 chips on each bet, with a possible increase to 3 chips per bet after 12 spins have been won. This is only after considering my situation at the time.

Playing this should return me an approx profit of 100 chips with an 80% chance of not losing my bank.

If I am stuck at the end of the table then I will play the method I played in the last tournament only this time instead of playing 2 chips per number I will be playing 3 chips per number.

I do not want to disclose this method, but will just say that it targets randomness.

Running it against the sample it profits 1,200 units.

2 Games it loses a total of 192 units.

3 Games it wins a total of 36 units.

1 Game it wins 120 units.

2 Games it wins a total of 456 units.

1 Game it wins a total of 336 units.

1 Game it wins 444 units.

I played this knowing that it had a good chance of keeping the bank not to mention the chance of a good win. Thought I would send you the latest one I went through tonight. It is my final look and then I am going to give my brain a rest. I was wondering about, why the casino has the minimum bet on the outside, to be $100 for the tournament.

Maybe they know some outside bets would do well over 20 to 30 spins. I know of many, so I ran this one against the numbers. You play the last 3 six lines that have come out, and change every spin so that you are always betting on the last 3.

You place 4 chips on each 6 line and double up if you lose.

You continue to double up until you get a win, or you reach your 4th attempt, which would have you playing 32 chips on each 6 line.

Playing it against the sample it won 7 out of the 10, not quite good enough. It won on average though about 150 units per session though, which is pretty good.

Over the 10 games it would have been over 400 units up in profit. Although with past research I have rejected many ideas on increasing bets after a win, I have had another look at the 10 game sample.

Targeting the 2-1 type bet, 35 of the 54 winning runs did not go past a run of 2.

You would really need a run of 2 before raising your bet, and as the results show, your chances would be very limited. Looking at the losing runs you will find 41 of the 44 are no longer than 2 losing runs, and that is why in short term play I think this option would be preferred, especially in a tournament situation where you have to make a good profit.

I think playing the even money would also show a similar trend in short term play.

I have just gone through an idea, again chasing losses!

It only won 7 out of the 10 plays but when it won the profits were: Units 194, 164, 226, 116, 118, 258, 410.

The idea was to play the same 10 numbers continuously.

You play 1 chip per number and raise your bets until you have a win.

You have to get a win in 7 spins.

Your progression is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, & 9 chips.

The longest losing runs out of each sample were: 10, 4, 6, 6, 8, 6, 6, 3, 2, & 6.

Although the last game only lost a run of 6, not enough previous wins would have covered the bet for the seventh spin.

You must get a Roulette win within the first 5 spins, if you have a 200 unit bank.

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