Busted Joe Roulette System

You play 18 numbers straight up, 6 per dozen. It doesn't really matter what numbers...but I've got an idea that *might* bring the slightest edge to it. I'll explain later. Then you treat each dozen as its own "roulette system", and follow a losing progression of 1-1-1-1-1-1-2-2-2-3-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, meaning every time that dozen loses you go up one step in the progression. If you win in that dozen, go back to the beginning.

I start with a $300 bankroll, and shoot to win $200. The notion is the progression makes it where you eventually get your money back on that dozen, and in the meantime the other dozens are probably hitting and making some cash for you. It's really bizarre how it works.

Well, the good news and the bad news....I've played it 3 times and won twice:

  • The first time I hit $246 profit VERY quickly.
  • The second time I hit $204 but it took a while.
  • The third time I really hit some bad streaks and lost my entire $300.

Why did I lose that third one? Well, the 2nd dozen REFUSED to hit, and I finished the entire progression (got up to 10). After I hit 10 I was like "what's the use" and dropped back to the beginning of the progression. THEN the same thing happened on the first dozen, and I went up to 6 in the progression before I went broke.

The progression is pretty conservative...I think it was designed just to win back your money (with maybe a little profit, havent done the math), but I'm thinking maybe I should stop if I lose on 5 or so.

Oh for the numbers to pick...I'm thinking of incorporating my infamous "Half the Pie" system, which ensures that physically half of the wheel is covered by chips. so the numbers I play are 1,4,6,8,10,12 13,16,18,19,21,24 25,27,29,31,33,36 This is on a double zero table by the way. These number may not make a difference...but hell it doesn't hurt right.

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