Casino Buster Roulette System

By Dr. Phillip Neubauer


Lots of books were written about Roulette. All serious books come to the conclusion that LIVE Roulette cannot be beaten.

Many clever people tried to exploit the game of Roulette to the advantage of the player. They had good ideas which worked quite well - but in long term they run you out of money.

No system known today can make you a consistent winner.

Until now!

You are holding the discovery of the 21st century in your hands! Now you can be a consistent winner on Roulette. You win every time you play!

Why is Casino Buster roulette system different? This System has a completely different attitude concerning Roulette then the other systems on the market. It is a different way of looking at the numbers. This system can never fail.

It even masters the hardest task - it wins every time it is played in online roulette LIVE casinos! No system could do this before.

Congratulations again for buying this bullet-proof Roulette System - the last one you'll ever need! I won't wish you good luck - as luck is nothing that you'll need!

Description of the game

There are 9 different types of bets possible on Roulette. You can bet on red/black on odd/even or the numbers from 1 - 1 8 and the numbers from 19-36. Those kinds of bets have a serious problem - the Roulette wheel has a 0 - American wheels also a 00 – these Zeros bring you a loss in long term if you bet on those chances. Only the Zero(s) bring the casino the house advantage of 5.26%

The most rewarding bets are the ones on straight numbers. You get paid 35 to 1 (there is also the hose advantage calculated).

Just think about it 35 to 1 is a lot more rewarding than 2 to 1. You place e.g. 5$ on the number 13 and if it comes up you win 175$ plus your invested 5$.

Good news: you can also bet on the 0 and the 00! Bad news: it is hard to guess the right number.

And this is where this fabulous system jumps in!

This system will show you in a crystal clear way on which number to place your next bet!

Get yourself something to drink - get comfortable in your chair and begin to discover the secret!

Figures and Tendencies

Ok, the Roulette numbers are random numbers - totally random  - especially in online casinos. I developed a way of bringing order in this random - chaos alike game. It is not any longer chaos. And believe me you can always see patterns and clear tendencies - even in a bunch of random numbers. This is what the system is all about:

  1. You always bet on 6 consecutive numbers - one unit on each (exception when you also bet on 0 and 00)
  2. Every spin is written down in the system sheet and they form a graph - you bet on the completing figures of the graph
  3. You write down the first 8 spins without betting a single unit
  4. You analyse the first 8 spins and make a forecast (by the rules given)
  5. If you can't make a sincere forecast you take down more test spins until you can make a sure forecast
  6. If you should loose 6 times in a column - quit the game for this day - and for at least 24 hours - it is for your protection - in fact you didn't loose much if this occurs but you will get too nervous and all your following forecasts tend to be wrong decisions and you would loose more
  7. You never increase your bet - absolutely NO progression
  8. You bet on the figures, tendencies and distances that occurred in the first 8 (or more) spins.

In the system sheet you make your guess (first guess after 8 t h spin) by making a circle in the column you think that comes up next. Then you bet one unit on each of the numbers in that row. After the spin you make a cross in the column that came up.

The System Sheet

Casino Busters Roulette Strategy Chart

Patterns - your best friends

Which patterns do exist? Good news: all sequences of numbers can be divided into 5 major patterns!

Neighbours (N)

Neighbours in th Casino Busters Roulette Strategy

Neighbours are hits that go to the same column or to the neighbouring column. This is one of the most common patters and it is the most constant one. It is important that you know that the table doesn't end on the right side - so the column (00- 31 32 33 34 35 36) is also a neighbour of the first column ( 0 1 2 3 456)

Return (R)

Returns in the Roulette System

As you can see a Return is a pattern that consists of 2 hits in the same column and one hit outside that column. Many books have been written about this kind of pattern. Most books are about patterns in red/black sequences. The Return is a very important pattern!

Neighbourhood Return (NR)

Neighbourhood Return - Casino Busters System

A neighbourhood Return is almost the same like a return but it goes back to a neighbouring column instead of the same column.

Bow (B)

Bow position in the roulette system

The bow is an uncommon pattern - but sometimes it comes up.

Line (L)

Line position

This is a very common and consistent pattern - it always consists of hits within the same distance. You need to know that the table end on the right or left side - you must see the table as a circle. The first column is also a neighbour of the last column. Some people need some time to recognize this - but after some practise you'll know this automatically.

You have to know that some patterns morph into other patters or they stop some time. It is also important to see the patterns together with the distances.

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Special note: There is no guarantee to the amount of money you will win or lose. All casino games are entertaining games of pure chance and luck. cannot be held responsible for persons having a lot of bad luck or taking risky chances.