Catfish Roulette System

This is just one system I play most of the time. I simply divide the Wheel into quads 27-18, 6-2, 28-17, 5-1 for the double zero wheel. Personally I’m looking for that short term trend, so I wait 9 spins and whichever quad has the most numbers called I start with that quad and bet 5 times and then move directly across (not adjacent to) the next quad and bet five times, then I move to the adjacent quad from the one I started with and after five spins I move directly across. Before I go to the table I determine whether I’m going to hit and move are stay for all five spins regardless if I win. Personal Preference.

Example if quad 27-18 is first target quad I bet for five spins, after I hit I move to quad 28-17 and bet five spins after I hit I move to quad 6-2 and then of course to 5-1.

Then I repeat the process. Very Simple.

For the 0 single wheel it’s a little different. I divide into quads 32-34 , 6-10, 5-9, 22-26 and I go through the same routine of the initial 9 spins looking for the short term trend. Once I begin to attack a quad after five spins I move directly next to (adjacent to) the neighboring quad. For example if quad 32-34 is the target quad after five spins or hit I move to 6-10 quad then to 5-9 quad then to 22-26 quad.

Note: If after 9 spins there are three quads with three numbers called I wait more spins until one more number is called in a quad. Then I start. If I’m ahead 50 units or more on the first round, sometimes I progress to 2 units for the next round.

Personal Preference. I never progress if I’m losing. Here’s why I use two different methods of play for both wheels. I compensate for the larger wheel circumference on the 00 Wheel. If both wheels were spinning at the same speed and the ball was rolling at the same speed (what are the chances huh?) the ball would fall in a different part of one wheel than it would on the other. Picture the Moon and the Earth rotating at the same speed.

The moon being smaller will rotate more revolutions than the earth. Same as the 00 and 0 wheel. Understand that both Wheels in their entity might be the same size but we only need to be concerned with the number section of the wheel. It’s a Physics thing. Friends of mine from college did some testing and I incorporated the results into this type of play.

As for win/loss its 100/75. At one time early in my stages of playing this roulette system I was down close to 200 units and came back to win 140 units and walked away a happy camper……..minus a few pounds.

This is the way (I) play. I do not go home broke, nor do I break the bank, I have fun and do manage to win most of the time. I’ve tested this system for performance. If someone does a test on this system it means nothing to me unless someone can guarantee me the same numbers you test with will come up on my next visit to the LIVE roulette casino. Testing is good only if you test for the performance of your system and not to determine if the system is successful against a group of numbers. If it performs well, it will be successful.

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