CB Steet Roulette System

The Rules

  • You need to create a chart first off. You should have a row for each spin, and a column for each 6 number street (for the first and last street you will have seven numbers as each of those will contain either the 0 or the 00). I have included an excel file with a sample chart. After the six columns you just created, also create a column to mark down the spacing between the columns. So if the first spin was in the first column and the second spin was in the third column then you would mark the spacing down as 2.
  • Clock the first 8 spins, marking an X in the box of the column that contains the number that just came up.
  • You are looking for a pattern to come up. After you clock the 8 spins, take a look at the pattern that is created by the Xs you marked in the boxes. You will now make a bet that follows the pattern that is being created.
  • There are 5 different types of patterns that you can look for - Next street, Returning Street, Close Returns, Arc, Straight Lines.
    • Next street would be a pattern where the numbers that are coming up are in the street that is on either side of the street that just came up.
    • Returning Street would be a pattern where the numbers may jump from one street to another and then come back to the original street.
    • Close Returns are similar to Returning Street except that when it jumps back it does not come back to the original street, but instead to one of the streets on either side.
    • Arc, forms a curve shape, where the numbers start in one streets, and move away from it but the return a few spins later.
    • Straight Line would be a pattern where the numbers keep moving in one direction, moving a specific distance each spin.
  • Keep in mind when watching for patterns that street 1 and street 6 are considered to be right next to each other. So that means that 1 and 2 are only 2 spaces away from each other, not 4.

That is essentially the basics of the CB Steet Roulette system. You clock the numbers on a chart, watching for patterns in the way the streets come up, and then you make your bet according to the pattern that comes up.

Problems with the System

The main, and most prominent problem that I see with the system is that it is a very subjective system. You are interpreting patterns, which to me is like guessing. When you think about it, the same pattern could be interpreted by 2 different people in different ways, thus ending up with two different bets. If you ask me you are just as well off if you were to just pick your streets randomly.

I have problems with anybody saying that they have a way of predicting which numbers will come up next. Anyone who says this is lying, and in most cases is trying to SELL you the system that they have.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have tested this system out on a few days of numbers from my Hamburg files and it actually did quite well. Though I am really not sure if this is just how I interpreted the numbers (which like I said earlier may be interpreted differently by someone else), or maybe due to the fact that I actually had the next result in front of me at the time which may have skewed my judgement. It is easy to predict the next street (and to justify your interpretation of the patterns you are looking at) if you already have the results in front of you.

If you are looking for a way to pick numbers, other than totally randomly, then this is not a bad system. I would not expect it to win more often that picking randomly though, if you do you will be disappointed. Also, I found that at times I got frustrated when looking at the patterns and could not really decipher what the pattern was or what my bet should be.


To summarize this system. You clock at least 8 spins, looking for a pattern or trend in the 6 number streets. You make your bet to follow one of the 5 different patterns noted above. You are betting 6 units per bet (7 on the first and last street as each of these contains either the 0 or 00).

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