Detector Roulette System

The purpose and aim of this roulette gaming method was to detect as early as possible any sort of bias in the wheel, and get on the good numbers before they came out. Going through 100's of old scorecards, there were certain trends that I noticed, prior to certain numbers coming out on good runs.

What I finally did was to draw up certain rules, so that a definitive plan could be followed.


  1. Record the results of 60 spins off 4 different tables.
  2. When you have recorded approximately 50, start to mark a score card with the results.
  3. Do your final update after 60 spins, then quickly select the wheel which you will be playing.
  4. Select one of the wheels where at least 4 numbers, together on the wheel, have come out at least twice. They must be bordered, both sides by numbers that have only been out a maximum of once.
  5. You may have only 4 numbers in a group like this or even 7 or 8 numbers together. You may also have 2 groups like this, on the same wheel. What you do is bet on all the numbers in the group, or groups, straight up for the next 30 spins.
  6. Do not select a table where there are more than 2 groups.
  7. Each group must include at least 1 number that has been out at least 3 times. If you have a group of 4 numbers and they all have been out just twice, avoid this one.
  8. A group that has 6 or 7 numbers must have at least 3 numbers that have been out at least 3 times. A group with 8 or 9 numbers must have at least 4 numbers that have been out at least 3 times.
  9. Do not go past 30 spins, because this has been calculated so that if you are playing 4 numbers, as an example, and they each come out just once, you will still be up in profit. And should there be a possibility of a bad run developing then this will prevent too much damage to your bank.
  10. Put all your winnings back into your bank.
  11. Start with a $500 bank, with a backup of $500 if you are starting off playing with $5 chips. If you are starting off playing with $2 chips then you would need a bank of $200, with a backup of $200. This backup is just in case you hit a poor run during your initial start up. Later on, your ever increasing bank, should cover any slip ups.
  12. Every time you double your bank double your bet. When your bank has reached $3,000, play every game thereafter with $25 chips, unless the bank drops below $2,500 after the 30 spins have been played, in which case go back to $20 chips.

Results of 15 Genuine Casino Games

Results of 15 Genuine Casino Games

Results of 24 Genuine Casino Games

Results of 24 Genuine Casino Games 

Different Dominance

This differs from the original Dominance in a couple of different ways - for instance you don’t need to chart the table before beginning and also the money management side is based on the cancellation system.

The bets are made on Double Streets which means that you can expect to hit on average slightly less than once every six spins but you have an effective advantage of 42 numbers over 37/38 as far as money management is concerned.

Profits occur as you go up and down the betting table. As everyone knows not all the double Streets will come out in just 6 spins - one of them always comes out before all six hit.

Begin by recording the Double Streets as they come - what you are looking for is a repeat:

Numbers 1 - 6 = Double Street #1, 7 - 12 = #2 and so on.

3, 5, 2, 1

then #5 hits again so this is the Double Street you will bet on. Cross out the original 5 so that the list now looks like: 3, x, 2, 1, 5.

You bet on #5 until you win or until four other Double Streets have repeated at which time you can change you bet to whichever of the four is hitting the most.

Note: Whilst the ‘math mavens’ like to tell you how long Double Streets can go to sleep you will find that anything over 18 spins is pretty rare - so don’t panic, just stay with the system and you will win.

Alternatively you can pick whichever Double Street you wish - just don’t ‘chop and change’ from spin to spin.

The betting table covers a 2,000 units bankroll.

1            1            1           1           1           2           2

2            2           3           3           3           4           4

4            5           5           6           6           7           7

8            8           9           10         10         11         12

13          14         5           16         17         18         19

20          22         23         24         26         27         29

31          33         35         37         39         41         44

46          49         52         55         58         61         65

69          73         77         81         86         91         96

101        107       113

Each bet will produce a profit to cover your last 6 losses plus a little more. This gives a stepladder effect insofar as it gives the effect of playing 42 numbers (7 x 6) When you win you cross out the previous 6 bets plus the one you just made (because you get your bet back on a win).

Start betting with the 1 unit and each time you lose you move to the right along the lines.

When you hit you cross out the last 6 bets plus the one you just won. Suppose you had just won a bet of 23 units your next bet would be 16 and you then continue the series from there and your bets will gradually work back towards the starting bet of 1 unit with you taking your profits and recovering your losses as you work back to the beginning.

Dominance 1

This System based on a commercial system called Dominance. I have tinkered with it so that it would suit my playing style. First of all...Chart a MAXIMUM of 15 spins at a table. We are betting a six number STREET, which pays 5-1. As soon as you get a minimum of three checks on a three number sector in addition to AT LEAST one check on an ADJACENT 3 number sector, you will bet that 6 number street. For example, here are a few spins..... 4 19 31 15 11 14 13 As we see, the street 13, 14, a 15 has three checks.... while the ADJACENT street of 10, 11, 12 has one check.  So we will be betting the SIX number Street of 10 11 12 13 14 15. This street is called a dominant street.

Remember this must happen within 15 spins. If it doesn't happen we must rechart.... If it happens earlier then stop and place your bet! We bet this 6 number street 14 times with a strong and safe progression: 1-1-1-1-1-2-2-2-3-3-4-5-6-7.

This progression will risk 39 units. After you get a hit...Rechart 15 spins again and start over. If you take a system tester, or actual roulette spins from a LIVE Dealer casino (no computer generated spins), you will find that it is very hard to lose this progression.

You will lose this progression about 1 time every 18 sessions. This is excellent. But your wins will more than make up for the occasional progression loss. When properly tested.... And with occasional progression losses accounted for, you can expect to win 4 units per hour very consistently with this method. Of course winnings will double when progressions losses don't occur during an outing.

Dominant Dozen Play for Roulette

Look at the Board to check which two of the Dozens has come up most in the last 10 spins. Start with 1 unit on each of the Dozens selected. When one of them wins raise your bet on the winning Dozen by 20% (if you are betting $5 units then raise your bet to $6) but keep the bet on the other Dozen at 1

unit ($5 in this example).

As each of the chosen Dozens win you raise your bet on the winning Dozen for the next spin only. If the next spin produces a loss then reduce your bet on it.

A Dozen that is running Hot may well have gone up several “steps of 20%” before it loses and you have to reduce it by 1 step. When this happens you need to also increase the bet on the Secondary dozen so that the bet will cover a loss on the Dominant Dozen. The idea is that you use part of your winnings from the Dominant Dozen to act as “insurance” on the Secondary Dozen.


Dominate Dozen steps: $5, 6, 7, 10, 12, 15, 20

Secondary Dozen steps $5, 5, 5, 5, 6, 8, 10


When I say dominants I mean LOW NUMBERS and BLACK so scout the tables till you find one showing a dominants of these features. When you have found this table we wil begin. What the bet means is: LOW NUMBERS doing this you have 1 to 18, 50% of table, now by betting BLACK as well this means that: you have doubled your odds of winning because you have already placed a bet on LOW NUMBERS which contain half black numbers, as well as this you have also got 9 numbers in the bottom half of the table. The only numbers that get you are high red numbers: 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 30, 32, 34 and 36. If none of these numbers come in you will either come off even or double your money. If you want to go further you can add a third dominant bet EVEN NUMBERS. This means you also cover 30, 32, 34 and 36, leaving you with 5 bogey numbers. Again as before if you get 3 losing bets in a row, quit and find another table.

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