Doozy Dozen Roulette System

THIS IS A HIT-AND-RUN ROULETTE SYSTEM for quick win or lose. The goal, if you win the first bet, is to win the starting bet six times over in a maximum of five spins - or at least lose nothing. Supposing you win the first 5 unit bet; if you then have two straight losses, you get even with the bank. In all other cases your net win will be 3 or 30 units (still supposing you won the first bet). This is achieved by a delicately calculated series of bets where the first winning is your "entrance" to the system. The net win is now 10 units and this is going to last for two bets; the first one being 4 units and the next 6 units – no matter if you win or lose. If both bets are lost you gained nothing but your bankroll is as before. If the first bet is won and the second lost, you won 8 units so you have 12. Bet 9 of those 12; if win you get 30 if lost you keep the 3 leftovers. If the first bet is lost and the second won, you have 18 units. Bet 6 and if you win, you have a net win of 30, if lost you still have 12 units and is able to bet 9 (keeping 3 if lost, getting a total net of 30 if you win). And last, if you win both bets, you have made a net of 30 units in three spins... Of course you have to provide a way to "predict" the outcomes, to decide where to bet, as your success is depending on that but the system itself can take some losses, as we will see.

Now, here is the complete description and an example of the system in action:

  • STEP 1: Bet 5 units If you LOSE, well... two out of three you will...If you WIN, you go to Step 2
  • Step 2: Bet 4 units If you LOSE, you go to
  • Step 3: If you WIN, you go to Step 4
  • STEP 3: Bet 6 units If you LOSE, you broke even. Take a break and try again later...If you WIN, you go to Step 4
  • STEP 4: Bet 6 units If you LOSE, you go to Step 5.If you WIN, you have a 30 units profit - that's 600% interest! Walk.
  • STEP 5: Bet 9 units If you LOSE, you have a 3 units profit - that's 60% interest! Take a walk, relax and then - you decide! If you WIN, you have a 30 unit’s profit - that's 600% interest!

Let's try it!