Eurowinner v 1.01 Roulette Strategy

Apologize to the English natives speakers for my no native one (I try my best !)

I prefer this document and all the following related ones to be keep confidential until I, with your help, can decide that Eurowinner is a fully working roulette system.

At this moment, the current release will be free for each of you.

I’m not against a larger diffusion but I think that we have, all of us, no interest that it become a plenty public system. I need your help to be able, with many tested sessions, to end the building stage and to enter the plenty using one. In case of success, I’ll come and visit you wherever you live, for the just payback of my headaches (that means at least a good meal!)


This system is a direct application of the Law of the third which set that on a 36 spins session, only an average of 24 different numbers will appear.

The purpose is to bet on an even chance like Red/Black or High/Low (50/50) increasing the odds in favor of the players. (some calculations let me think that it could be raised from 48.64% for the 1st played spin to a large 75 % near the 36th counted spin).


The rules of this system respects a certain « way of gambling » which could be define by:

  • choose the time to start (following the rule ?)
  • let’s the game to decide it’s time to stop
  • don’t risk more than you can recover within 2 or 3 winning sessions. ☺
  • take the profit an run (to another table ?) without spending hours for a few chips or a big hole.

The matter with the running tests is mainly ( if it works !) to precise the limits, the bankroll, and the money management.

The betting system

Definition: Coin (for K coin :-)) ) = 18 chips = the whole bet = the whole win (35 –17).

First, you collect the numbers during the 18 first spins, and count the different ones.

If at least 14 different numbers, your play on the 19th spin.

If only 10 11 12 or 13 different numbers (never seen less than 12) stop and wait for a new session.

You bet from the 19th to at least the 36th spin, with a control on the 26th spin.

You bet for each spin 18 chips: one for each of the different recorded numbers + one chip on the required numbers to reach 18. These + numbers are chosen by luck, that’s not the main point.

For example: 15 different numbers recorded between 1st and 18th spin. On the 19th spin, I flat bet theses 15 n° + 3 others in order to cover 18 n° or half the board (like Red/black).

The 0 or 00 if existing (single 0 is a must for the tests) is a valid number to be recorded or played, in fact that leads to have a «moving 0».

If your win reach 4 Coins (72 chips) before the 27th spin (26th include) stops the session.

If your win is less than 1 Coin after the 26th spin (no cumulated win at this point) stops the session.

If you cumulate 7 Coins before the 36th spin stops the session.

If you reach the 36th spin (last one) stop the session.

Selecting the numbers to be played

After the 18th you have at least 14 (14 to 18) “hard” numbers to play and have to choose by your own 0 to 4 more ones (“soft” numbers) in order to complete your betting board.

You can useful use the playing grid, or another of your choice, to get the right numbers to play.

After the 18 th spin, you bet the 19th

If you win, you add 19 (in case 3 to 8) in front of the winner and bet on the same numbers.

If you loose, you add 19 (in case 3 to 8) in front of the winner, put an X in case (1) and remove the X in front of one of your “soft” numbers (if exists).

Ready for betting the 20th spin.

When you don’t have a “soft” number to remove, you add the new number and remove the oldest with the lowest level (the first rank and the less shown).

You cant remove a twice shown number when you have one with a single apparition.

The money management

In a first time, we only consider flat bet on 18 different numbers for each played spin.

Remember the previous definition: 1 Coin = 18 chips = the whole bet = the whole win (35 –17).

You enter a session with 7 Coins.

You leave (according to the above rules) with a –7 to a +7 Coins (that’s the surprise!).

The tests (124 sessions on real tables spins) shown an average of 1,8 Coin /session which means.

Nearby 2 chips / played spin or 1 chip by spin (from the 1st to be collected to the last to be played) which seems good enough to require your efforts!

Further, we could probably try different ways:

  • Playing flat bets with general progression like +1 or –1 chip when win or loss
  • Playing additional chips on the “favorites numbers” +1 everytime it’s shown
  • Nothing to do with that at the present stage.


You can useful use the following grid, which is good enough for real play on real tables.

It’s main advantage is to present the numbers to be played in the right order according to the board.

A lead pencil and its rubber is a must.

  • (1) put an X in front of each number to be played.
  • (2) Numbers on the wheel ordered as the board
  • (3 to 8) case to note the rank of the shown number (ex: 1 7 8 for the number 18)
  • (9) cumulate the result in Coins after the 18th spins (more easy than counting the chips!)
  • (10) rank of spin (1 to 74)
  • (11) Number show on the spin

Eurowinner Roulette Strategy Chart

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