Even / Odds Magic Roulette System

Here is the Professional Even/Odds Magic Roulette. It's simple and extremely effective. The basis of the system is this. You simply wait until Red (or Black, High or Low, Even or Odd. Choose only 1!) appears and then back it on the next spin with the total of the next three numbers in a given sequence.

The sequencewe prefer to use is 2-1-1-1 for a total of 5 units. Once this sequence is attained you will have won your target but it can be any sequence you like. The only difference will be the amount of bets you have.

In the following example from 18 spins, we had to win only 3 to make the target. Please follow through the example and I'm sure you will be able to understand it.

Opening Sequence is 2-1-1-1 for a total of 5 units. Your bets are always the total of the first three numbers remaining in any sequence. Therefore your opening bet here is 2-1-1 for a total of 4 units. We are going to Bet Red. (NB = No bet ; R= Red ; B = Black) Spin Outcome Bet Win/ Cum New # R or B (Units) Loss Sequence 1 B NB 2-1-1-1 2 R NB 3 B 4 -4 -4 2-1-1-1-4 4 B NB 5 B NB 6 B NB 7 B NB 8 B NB 9 R NB 10 B 4 -4 -8 2-1-1-1-4-4 11 R NB 12 R 4 -4 1-4-4 13 B 9 -9 -13 1-4-4-9 14 R NB 15 B 9 -9 -22 1-4-4-9-9 16 R NB 17 R 9 -13 9-9 18 R 18 All numbers in sequence deleted. We have now won the sequence of 5 units. As you can see there were only 18 spins and we won only 3 bets and lost 3. This will work with any sequence you wish. The secret here is to get one run of three of your even/odd bets in a row and the sequence is completely eliminated.


Be aware of the total trials in play while you are in a session. On a recent session we started the session backing red and we weren't really taking any notice of the overall pattern of play. Red was very choppy but Black was dynamite. So much so that over 82 spins, Black came out 52 times, Red 28 Times and zero twice. You need to develop a system to be able to keep track of this type of occurrence.

Use a separate card and the gate post method to keep track of the hits of both even chances you are betting. As soon as we noticed what was happening, we immediately changed to Black and of course cleaned up on Black. This run was way out of kilter with the normal law of averages but in a short sample like this it can happen. Be aware of runs like this and then swap to the even chance that is hitting more frequently. In that session Black had 11 runs of two or more hits including one run of NINE while Red had only 5 runs of consecutive hits and only 2 of 3 consecutive hits. This made it extremely hard to win on Red without a lot of time and effort. Be aware of the hits for both sides and change if necessary to the one that is hitting more prolifically.


The other thing you will need to become absolutely comfortable with is the size of your betting activity. If you're only a $1 or $2 bettor, then you are going to need to do some work on your psychology. Unfortunately here in Australia the even chance bets carry a minimum of $10 and on this size table a house limit of $500. You will need to become comfortable with being in the hole sometimes for 4 or 5 hundred dollars or more and betting in $100 to $500 dollar bets. But this will only concern you at the start. Once you have made one or two thousand dollars and you are now playing with your winnings, it won'tbother you as much.

It's just the initial activities that seem to stress the inexperienced player. Of course you can use this mathematical formula on the horses and can then determine your own level of betting. If the bets in any one sequence get too big, then halve the total and get it back in two halves oreven four if you have to. We've never had to do that but everyone's stress level is different. If this happens and you are in a long run, then look at the total pattern ie the Odd Bet you are following and it's opposite. If they are way out of kilter like the example above, then swap to the other side.

The fact that they are way out of kilter is probably the reason why you are in a long run. After all is said and done, it's only money. Count the chips and not the dollars.


The only two reasons you will lose are:

  1. If you are under capitalised and run out of working capital like any normal business. You must have enough to sustain you through a long run. As a general rule the danger of this happening is only in the initial stages.

Once you've won double your bank twice or more and unless you jump up the stakes too quickly, this should not be a problem for you. We suggest a starting bank of $1,000 with a reserve bank of $1,000 based on minimum $10 bets. If you run out of money while at the table in that session then stop and take a break. Obtain more capital and start exactly where you left off. It doesn't matter if it's the same day, a week later or a month later. There is always another time to play and these events are always continuous. In fact if you are unfortunate enough for this to happen it's probably a blessing in disguise because the last thing you want is to be recognised by the LIVE casino as a consistent winner as you will be. Especially if you move into the higher stake tables. If they do identify you as a consistent winner, then they can stop you from playing with no excuses needed. You will then need to travel to play which is something most people do not want to do.

  1. If you lose your nerve. The only way to overcome this is to TEST, TEST, TEST and then make the bets called for. There is no other way. It may be uncomfortable for you to start with but once you get used to making larger and larger bets, it becomes less stressful if you lose a few bets in a row. If you have confidence, this system will always win for you in the long run. TEST, TEST, TEST. But the key is TEST, TEST, TEST.

Get a computer roulette program and run through it until you are absolutely convinced that it works  very time and that you can handle the calculations comfortably. Get a set of chips and physically place all the bets at home BEFORE you go to the casino. Experience the highs and lows. Know what you will experience when you get to the Casino. Develop your own tracking system and know it backwards. Note the size of the holes you may have to go into and the size of the bets. Make sure you are absolutely comfortable with it BEFORE you go to play for real and make sure that any money you play with is money you can afford to lose if you panic and can't put that next bet on. It happens time and time again.

Your psychology beats you and of course the next bet that you can't put on is the one that always pulls you out and makes you a winner. But you weren't on it. Have confidence. The system will always win. Make sure you are in control. Make sure your psychology is right and you are adequately capitalised to cover any long runs. You must have 100% confidence.

Good luck!

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