Floating 12 Roulette Method

I have played this method successfully for over 2 years. I have had very few losing days. Sure I have had losing sessions, but very few losing days. The reason is simple. Setting realistic achievable goals as far as how many units I am trying to win, and also not “chasing” losing propositions.

In the game of Roulette there is a lot of YING and YANG. Ying being of course good, and Yang being bad. The key is to take advantage of the Ying while avoiding the Yang. So how do we do this?

Time… time is our biggest enemy when it comes to playing in the casino. If we can focus on playing a varied “hit and run” method, then we have the opportunity to catch the Ying Wave and get our before the Yang wave hits.

We are going to focus on the DOZENS only for a number of reasons. Firstly, while the dozens don’t obviously hit as often as the even money bets, they do pay you twice as much as you lose. This is a very big advantage when using a very controlled progression on losses. The reason is that on this progression it only takes a small amount of wins to overcome a lot of losses.

The next reason for playing the dozens is it is a relatively easy bet to make. There are only 3 places on the table that you have to make a bet, so it is easy to make your bet and then get out of everyone’s way, and you stand zero chance of getting shut out.

The reason this system is called the Floating 12 is that we are looking for “hotdozens”. Each dozen does not hit every three spins, so when is dozen is NOT hitting, chances are that the other 2 are streaking. The key is to be on the streaking 12.

This changes throughout the course of many spins, but the key is that when as 12 is RUNNING we are on it – and WINNING.

Once we hit a predetermined spin count, or running total, we are off the table, taking a break, and then going back for another attack.

We will only be playing a maximum of 3 attacks per day and that’s it. No variance from this please.

What I am going to do now is give you a step by step rules and samples to help you understand the process. You will be betting on whatever dozen that just hit to repeat. If it does not repeat you will bet next on the dozen where the ball actually landed, so again you are looking for that “new” dozen to repeat.

When it does repeat you will STAY on that section until it does not repeat any more.

Once it no longer repeats, you go to the dozen that the ball landed in, and bet it to repeat. If a zero comes up you bet on the dozen that preceded the zero or zeros.

Those are the basics of what the play is. You are in essence following the ball.

Whatever dozen it lands in you will play it to land there again.

If it doesn’t, you follow it… that simple.

The reasons this works is really quite simple. The dozens run a lot, and rarely go 1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3 or truly alternate.

So now that you know where you are going to place your bet, you will now learn how much you are going to wager.

We will be using a progression I like to call “the box”. It is named that because it truly is a box you are in most of the time because the 3rds you will be losing more spins than you win, but the clever progression is going to get you out and keep you out of trouble as much as possible.

Here’s how the box works:

Firstly the box only applies primarily when you have a minus running total.

Whenever you get back to positive you are either out of the box, or close to out of the box.

1  2  3

2  4  6

3  6  9

4  8  12

The total of the box numbers is 60 units. This is your buy in. It is not possible for you to lose this amount of units as you will only be playing to a minus 30 running total (-30) which is equal to 50% of your buy in. If you have lost two of these sessions, and if you have not won a session yet, then you are done for the day.

You will start with a 1 unit bet. In order to move up to the next betting level you must LOSE three bets in a row.

Once you have lost three bets then you will move up to the next betting level. You must stay at this betting level or higher if you are at a “-“ running total, until you clear the “-“ before starting back at the first betting level.

The first level is 1,2,3. Your first bet is 1 unit. If it wins you are +2 and if it loses you are –2. Your next bet after a loss is 2 units, then 3 units.

After three successive losses, you move up to 2,4,6. You must stay at this level if you are at a “-“ running total until you CLEAR the “-“ or if you are “+” and you win at this level, then you move DOWN to the next level down, until you win a bet there, and then DOWN again until your base unit is 1 unit. At that point you are at the beginning.

So for example if you were -22 and you were in the 4,8,12 box you must stay until you have cleared the “-“ to a “+”. Then you would progress down the box level by 1 level until you either lose 3 in a row or win at least one bet.

After that you either go back up to the next betting level or come back down to the next betting level until you are back to “0”.

In the above example you can see that you are moving up to the next bet level as you lose 3 in a row. When you clear the “-“ you come down by one bet level providing you win at least 1 best before losing 3 in a row at that level.

If you have not cleared the “-“, YOU DO NOT COME DOWN. You stay at that betting level until you clear the “-“ or you lose 3 in a row, and then you go up to the next betting level.

Detailed explanation of the above 22 spins:

Spin 1 dozen 1 comes up. You follow dozen 1 and bet on dozen 1 in spin 2. You bet 1 unit on dozen 1 based on the first level.

In spin 2, dozen 3 comes up, so you lose the bet. You are down by 1 unit.

Your next bet is 2 units based on the first level’s second bet. Since dozen 3 came up in spin 2, you bet on dozen 3 in spin 3. Dozen 2 comes up in spin 3, so you lose the bet, you are down by 3 units.

In spin 4 you bet 3 units on dozen 2. You win the bet. You’re up by 3 units (6-3).

Since you won the bet in that level, you’re back to the first bet in that level. You bet 1 unit on dozen 2 in spin 5. Dozen 3 comes up. You lose the bet. You are up by 2 units.

You keep betting this way until spin 11, where you lose 3 bets of that level in spins 9, 10 and 11. The you bet 2 units in spin 12, which is the first bet of the second level.

You also lose 3 consecutive bets (2, 4 and 6 units) in the second level in spins 12, 13, 14. Then you move up to the third level in spin 15, where you bet 3 units.

You lose that bet as well and you are down by 13 units. You bet 6 units in spin 16. You win that bet. Your net become –13 +12 = -1 unit. You are still in a “-“.

Therefore, you don’t come down by 1 level. You continue to bet in that third level with the first bet (3 units) of that leve l.

In spin 17, you bet 3 units and you win that bet. Your net running total is now +5 units. Since this is +, you come down one level to the second level and bet 2 spins in 18. You lose that bet. So your next bet is 4 units in spin 19. You win that bet and your net running total becomes +11. Since this is + and you won one bet in that level, you come down one level to the first level and bet 1 unit again in spin 20. You continue betting this way and accumulate units.

You will play a maximum of 60 consecutive spins, or to +20 or +30 – whichever comes first. Once you hit +20 whatever bet you made to get to +20, you make again until you finally lose a bet, then you are done with that session.

If you hit a +30, STOP and take a break and wait for the next session to begin and start at one unit again.

If you want to be aggressive you can come back from the last losing session with double the unit value until you get to +20 with the double size units, which is really +40. Then take another break.

With this method you will have 4 winning sessions of +20 or greater as opposed to 1 losing session of –30.

So 4 x (+20) = +80, less –30 = +50 (divided by 4 sessions = 12.5 units /60 spins.

60 spins = 2 hours maximum.

12.5 units per 60 spins x $5.00 unit = $62.50 every two hours (or $31.25 per hour).

You lifetime bankroll should be 300 units and buy in should be 60 units. Every time your bankroll TRIPLES, take out 1/3 profit and then double the size of your bet.

600 units/12.5 = 48 hours.

On average every 48 hours you should be able to move up. Throw in a couple of losing days and you might take 60 hours of play to move up.

So 60 hours at $5.00

120 hours at $10.00

180 hours at $20.00

240 hours at $50.00 units.

At this point you are playing 2 sessions a day x 12.5 units = +25 units x $50 = $1,250.00 per day.

240 hours x 4 hours a day = 60 days.

So if you play 2 days a week, in 30 weeks you are basically set.

This is a very relaxed way to play roulette and have fun and make money.

Good luck.

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