Fluke Roulette System

I cannot remember how I created it, I think it was something to do with having a couple of groups of 4 numbers, 2 numbers and some scatter of single numbers.

On a single zero wheel.

You play 5 chips per spin.

1 chip on street 1 2 3.

1 chip on street 10 11 12.

1 chip on street 13 14 15.

1 chip on six line 28 29 30 31 32 33.

1 chip on six line 31 32 33 34 35 36.

Win or lose you increase all 5 bets by 1 chip every spin until the tenth spin when you drop down to 1 chip again and then repeat the 10 spin cycle. Eg. on spin number 10 you would have 10 chips on each of the 3 streets and 10 chips on each of the 2 six lines.

On the 11th spin it would be back down to 1 chip again.

The results across ten 20 spin samples playing an initial 1 chip on the streets and six lines would have the following results:

Units +31 +212 +98 -101 +90 +164 +56 +284 +158 -16

Quite a significant success rate.

I was looking at this at the last minute before the last roulette tournament, and run it against another sample where it didn't do as well as the first sample, but still showed a profit, and again there was some very significant victories.

It could have been a fluke, but I have just passed it on, just incase you enjoy researching ideas.

One final note, the 10 lots of 20 spins were done by 10 individual LIVE dealers, spinning each spin opposite to the previous spin.