Genesis Roulette System

GENESIS System for the Roulette Wheel has been tried and tested over many, many hours of play. It is very easy to implement but for it to work effectively, first and foremost, you MUST BE DISCIPLINED. Casino Games are cleverly designed to give the house a small edge over the customer - as low as 2% - but with their massive turnover, a small percentage in their favour will produce huge profits for the LIVE Casino. DISCIPLINE is required to operate the GENESIS system because we do not bet on every spin of the wheel. There are two aspects to the GENESIS system, which when combined make this method extremely powerful - one is the period of "hesitation" used - the other is the staking.

Before you commence play, you must ensure that you have a suitable Betting Bank which for Peace Of Mind is recommended to be 40 times whatever the minimum stake is that you are going to use.

The system is designed for backing the EVEN MONEY shots on the outside of the table, ie. RED + BLACK, ODD + EVEN or HIGH + LOW (1-18 or 19-36).

For the purpose of introducing you to the GENESIS SYSTEM, all play referred to here is on RED + BLACK.

In most Casinos worldwide, the minimum stake on the EVEN MONEY chances is £5 or $5 or the equivalent. Until you are confident with this roulette system you should play minimum stakes, so for you to be able to play in the "comfort zone", ideally you should sit at the table with a Bank of £200. There will be periods when you may find that up to half of your Betting Bank is in use but you will also have sessions when you will be playing with the Casinos money after the very first bet and won't need to dip into your Bank for the entire session.

Choose a table where there are very few other players because the more players, the slower the play. On a very busy table it can sometimes take 5 minutes or more for a single spin of the wheel because of the time taken up by customers buying chips and for the payouts after each spin. On a very quiet table you can get 30 or 40 spins in an hour. The best time to play is in the afternoon if your chosen casino is open then. There is no defined period of play but for the purposes of explaining the system to you, the results shown are for 100 spin sessions which took around 2 to 3 hours, but of course you can stop play at any time.

Most Casinos have indicator boards that display the previous 16 spins, with BLACK to one side and RED on the other. Be extremely wary of these electronic boards - they often go wrong and may indicate that a number has come up 3 or 4 times in succession when in fact it only occurred once. Sometimes the boards will stop displaying one color or the other - so be warned. Ideally, check with another player at the table that the previous numbers are correct or sit down and record numbers for a while without playing. To commence play, we first wait for either 3 repeating colors or 3 alternating colors - so we wait for RED/RED/RED or BLACK/BLACK/BLACK or RED/BLACK/RED/BLACK or BLACK/RED/BLACK/RED. As soon as one of these sequences occurs which could happen as soon as you sit down or could mean a 20-minute wait, our first betting series commences on the next spin. We bet on whatever the sequence is doing, so if 3 REDS have come up, we bet on RED - if a sequence of BLACK/RED/BLACK/RED has happened, then our first bet is on BLACK because the colors are alternating. The aim is win 1 chip (or if we don't win 1 chip, then to break-even) on each betting series.

So our first bet is 1 chip. If this bet wins, we have made our target of 1 chip profit and that betting series is complete. A new series of betting starts on the very next spin, 1 chip again and following whatever the current results are doing - so if the colors are alternating and our last win came on BLACK, then the first bet of this new series is a 1 chip bet on RED. Should this bet lose, the betting series is not yet over because we haven't made at least 1 chip profit or broken even, but we do stop betting and wait until the next run of either 3 repeats or 3 alternates occurs. When this happens, we commence betting again on the next spin following whatever the colors are doing and we increase our bet to 2 chips. If this bet wins we make a 2 chip profit less the 1 chip loss from the previous bet to give an overall 1 chip profit, thereby completing another betting series. Had this 2 chip bet lost, the current betting series running total goes to -3 chips. Because we have just had a losing bet due to the color sequence changing, again we stop betting and wait for another 3 repeats or alternates before placing a 3 chip bet on the next spin. Should this bet win we have recovered the running total of -3 and broken-even on the series, so the betting series stops.

We accept that we haven't made a profit on that particular series and start a new one on the very next spin starting again with a 1 chip bet. Should the 3 chip bet lose taking the running total to -6, again stop betting, wait for another 3 repeats or alternates and place a 4 chip bet on the next spin (keep in mind that we NEVER increase the bet by more than 1 chip at a time - don't be tempted to Double-Up and try to recover losses and make a profit in one spin. Yes, many times it will come off, but it only takes one time for it not to and you will be in deep trouble). Once we have gone past the 3 chip bet without making a profit, we accept that we are not going to make a profit on this series and the aim becomes just to get the series to break-even and then to start a new one. If the 4 chip bet wins, the running total for the current betting series goes to -2.

After a win, if the bet was 2 chips or more, then usually we reduce the bet by 1 chip for the next spin. However, as the 4 chip bet has won and the current deficit is -2, because we looking to break-even now, the bet for the next spin is 2 chips which provided it wins gives a break-even sequence. If this 2 chip bet had lost, going to -4, a waiting period would occur until 3 repeats or alternates again and then the next bet would be 3 chips (remember we always increase the bet by 1 chip after a loser - NEVER MORE). A 3 chip win would take the series back to -1 so a 1 chip winning bet on the next spin would give the break-even target we are looking for. This explanation of how to work the system may look complicated but it is very simple in practice and by looking at the workings of the 100 spin sessions and the explanations that follow you will soon master it. When you are playing for real, you will need to keep a record of your bets as you go along - the Casinos provide pens and cards for you to do so.

Summary of the important points of the GENESIS SYSTEM:

  • If you are going to play with £5 chips, sit at the table with a minimum betting bank of £200 - 40 times whatever your 1 chip bet is going to be.
  • Wait until a run of 3 repeating colors or 3 alternating colors before betting.
  • Aim to make a 1 chip profit on each betting series or to break-even if the series goes beyond the 3 chip bet without making a profit.
  • First bet is 1 chip, increasing by 1 after each loss, decreasing by 1 or more after each winning bet.
  • Don't move from one table to another whilst in the middle of a betting series - only move once a series has been completed - if you move half way through a series because it is starting to go wrong - Murphys Law will ensure that a winning run will start the moment you leave the table!

HOW TO HANDLE THE "0" or "00"

American Roulette wheels have a 0 and a 00. European wheels have just a single 0. When a 0 or 00 is spun, obviously it is a losing bet for us if we have been betting on that spin. Also, if we are in a waiting period, it is also a loser and breaks whatever the sequence of colors is doing.

A 0 or 00 stops everything and from the following spin onwards we again wait for 3 repeats or alternates before betting again. So say the sequence goes RED/RED/RED/0/RED, the 0 is a losing bet and we stop betting until 3 repeats or alternates occur again. A sequence of BLACK/RED/BLACK/RED/0/BLACK/RED /BLACK would mean we were betting on BLACK when the 0 came up as the three previous spins had alternated. The next 3 spins after the 0 alternated BLACK/RED/BLACK.

This is just two alternates - BLACK to RED then RED to BLACK. If the next spin was a RED, then this would give the required 3 alternates and we would resume betting on the next spin. In the USA the 0 and the 00 and in most European countries, the single 0 clears the whole table, apart from any bets on 0 or 00 themselves.

On British tables we have a slight advantage in that as well as there being only a single 0, whenever it comes up, any bet on the Even Money Chances is halved - ie. you get back half of your bet. So, if you are playing on a British table and you have had a bet when a 0 comes up, record as a complete losing bet but treat the returned half stake as a bonus.

Play can be extremely slow if the table is busy, but in many cases, once you have the experience of working the GENESIS system you may find you can sit between two tables that are close together and work 2 tables at once bearing in mind that much of the time you will only be betting on one table while a waiting period is happening on the other. If you do run two tables at once, use a separate betting bank for each and obviously keep a separate set of records for each one. Although the instructions for working the system are to use RED + BLACK, it will work just as effectively using either ODD + EVEN or (1 - 18) + (19 - 36). You could work the system using 3 separate banks at the same table, but to do it you will need plenty of room to get your bets on easily and to be quick and accurate in keeping your records after each spin. Don't attempt this until you have plenty of experience working just one Bank at a time!

Don't be disheartened when you have a losing session - IT WILL HAPPEN. You cannot expect to win every time but if you stick to the system rules, over several sessions you will come out on top. If you have been playing with £5 chips successfully and you are thinking of increasing your minimum stake, it is best to do so only after you have had several winning sessions and you are playing with the Casinos money. Ideally finish each session with a completed betting series. The results for the 100 spin sessions following stop at the 100th spin even if a betting series is still running.


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