The aim of the roulette system is to select the most desirable numbers, and bet on them in the most effective way, in order to make big profits.

How do we know which are the best numbers?

Well we will be seeking out which numbers win more frequently than others, on various wheels at the casino.

Don't they all win equally over a period of time?

In theory they should, in reality they don’t.

If you asked an engineer to make a roulette wheel that would never show any bias, and if it did he would be executed! You wouldn't get many volunteers for the job. And if you did the price would be in the millions, (probably so they could flee before they met their fate!).

The fact is, even though so much accuracy is used in the making of the roulette wheel, a bias is found on most of them. Your average Joe wouldn't be able to spot the bias, but with the method you will use, the bias will soon be staring you in the face.

What causes the bias?

It's pretty difficult to say, without a thorough laboratory test of a wheel as to what causes some numbers to be more popular than others. It could be a slightly loose dividing fret between the numbers causing the ball to land there.

Frets at a slightly different height or pockets at different depths. Some distortion in the wheel itself, the list goes on.

Basically the casinos are not too concerned, unless the bias becomes extremely obvious and is local news, in which case they would probably replace the wheel, which is pretty rare.

How do we know which wheels are bias?

The way I do it, is to select four tables, if your local casino has that many, and start making a list of as many results as possible.

Most LIVE Dealer casinos have the latest results on display, which makes things a little easier. The best times to do this is when the casino is at its quietest, avoid fri/sat nights, as there are usually less games per hour played.

When selecting the tables I try and choose ones which have either an old look about them, or ones that may have some marks on them, scratches or chips, which could indicate that the wheel has been manhandled in the past, creating some sort of bias. This can also help you keep track, that its still the same wheel, on future visits.

When searching for an identifying mark, it should be on the actual wheel & not on the bowl. Take note which number is opposite the mark. This is critical, because it is not unusual for casinos to move the frets around, so that although the bias will still be there, the bias numbers will now be different.

Which table would we actually choose to play on?

Once you have obtained enough results the time will come to select the best table. You select the one where there are plenty of frequent numbers as well as a few really poor numbers. If you then take note on the position of these numbers on the actual wheel, you will probably notice a frequent number will be next to a poor number.

Also, some frequent numbers will be grouped together as well as some poor numbers may be grouped as well, all indicating some bias.

The bigger the gap between the frequent numbers on your list and the less frequent will indicate which one to choose. Avoid a table where all the results are quite even.

How many results must we record?

Well this is where the power of this system comes in. The more results you get, the more accuracy you will have on the amount of bias in the wheel. I wouldn't play until I have at least 800 results off each table. It may seem a daunting task, but you have to realise you can't get something for nothing.

As the results build up you will start to see some bias in most of the tables and when you start playing & continue to record the results, the bias will continue to be confirmed or slightly adjusted.

From 2,000 results onwards the bias should be very clear. Some may want to start playing sooner rather than later. Well the only advice I could give is to be aware of any fluke results that come out.

  1. The same number comes out 3 times on the run, as this could influence the choice of the best numbers. Any result like this and I would see if this number comes out often on most visits, eg. 1 in every 30 games, if not, then you should show some caution with your selections.

That is why I wait until I have at least 800 results before playing and any fluke results are usually absorbed by then.

Recording the results.

After each visit I fill out a table, (see next page), with the number of times each number has come out & continually up date a similar list on further visits. The table represents the playing area of the actual roulette table, which helps when the time comes to start playing.

Golden Pyramide Roulette System - Table 1

After about 800 results the table may look like the next one, which are actual results off one of my tables which I have played. The results off other tables which I keep a check on have also a similar difference across the numbers.

Golden Pyramide Roulette System - Table 2

If you check out the position of 3 top numbers,(7,28,29), on the actual roulette wheel, you will find they are together and have a poor number,(18), next to them. Also, 3 other top numbers, (6,17,34), are together with poor number, (25), next to them, so obviously something is happening in these areas.

OK, so we have finally obtained lots of results, how are we going to play?

To obtain maximum profit we will be betting on the top 12 numbers every game. So in the last table 6,7,9,10,11,17,20,26,28,32,33,& 34, would have been chosen.

We will bet on all 12 numbers straight up every game, starting with the table minimum,eg.$2. Each bet will cost $24, and each win will give you a profit of $48.

I recommend you start with a balance of $400 if you are playing with $2 chips, & $1,000 if playing with $5 chips.

Always have a kitty of 200 x the value of the chips you will be playing.

On my scorecard, my initial aim is to win 10 games out of 30, as this is a break even figure. Any more than 10 wins, then it will be $48 profit for each win.

Should you reach 10 wins within 25 games, you will be $120 up in profit. You could then walk away, but also you know you have the chance of 5 more games, which should you lose them all, you will still break even but also you have the chance of 5 more wins which pay you another $240.

If you are 12 wins up after 25 games, you know you could play the remaining 5 and even if you lose them all you will still be $96 up.

The way I play, is that when I am happy with my latest balance, eg. having won 10 games out of 20, which would give me a profit of $240, I then decide to continue playing until I have 2 continuous losses, at which point I would take a break. You will be surprised on some occasions where you can't get this continuous 2 game loss for a while, much to your delight and your ever increasing balance.

Should a good run continue, you then change it to a 3 game continuous loss before taking a break, and even a 4 game loss should things be going even better. It's on these good runs your biggest money is going to be made, so don’t let it go to your head if your run doesn't continue, take a break rather than chasing it to start again.

Take Note

It is quite possible to have a losing run of 12 games and at the same time it's quite difficult to have a winning run of more than 8 wins.

What you do with your winnings is entirely up to you.

What I do is to build up the balance & increase the stakes on each number, so when my balance reaches $800, I will then put two $2 chips on each number, when it reaches $1,000, then $5 chips would be used & so on, (see advanced playing strategy later).


  • Prior to your first play, go through the numbers you have been collecting and check that your top 12 numbers are coming out at least 10 times out of 30 games.
  • A good guide is to see if they were coming out regular on your first few visits. If not then caution should be taken, just in case the wheel has undergone maintenance or just isn't bias enough.
  • If on arrival at your chosen table, four of your numbers have just come out 4 times on the run, wait a while or you may feel as though you have missed the boat should a losing run begin.
  • Try and wait for 3 losing numbers before commencing play.
  • Should you win 4 out of your first 5 games, although it may be tempting to continue, cash in your profit of $168, and take a break before returning.
  • Should the croupier be spinning the wheel slow, be cautious, unless the numbers are coming out good, (the faster the wheel is spun, the more the biased numbers are favoured).
  • Should results be going well and there is a change of croupier who is obviously doing slow spins, then I bring in the 2 continuous loss rule just to see how the results go.
  • It's not in the casinos interest to have the wheels spun slowly all the time, because then the landing of the ball can become more predictable & in fact the majority of serious players are on the lookout for slow spinning wheels, as predictable patterns tend to occur.
  • Identify the wheels at which you play, so you will be aware of any swap around of wheels, eg. chips/scratches. Take note of the number opposite the scratch or mark you have used to identify the wheel.
  • If the casino ever moves the frets around, a different number will now be opposite the mark. Should this happen, you will then have to count the exact number of pockets it has been moved, and then rearrange all your top numbers the same number of pockets in the same direction.
  • It is recommended to collect a good sample of numbers again, of this wheel, prior to playing.
  • Should you notice that a wheel has had the frets moved, this is the table you should then concentrate on, because the casino are obviously concerned about the frequency of some of the numbers.
  • Update your lists of results continuously so that the bias becomes more identifiable & predictable.
  • Make sure you are at the table and not climbing over people to place your bets.
  • If you are really desperate to start, but have not got the required backup of $400, I can only advise that you make sure the wheel is being spun at a reasonable speed, and bet on your 12 top numbers as 6 splits, where possible, this will cost you only $12 per game.

What can the casino do to stop you?

  • If you really exploit the casino, you may be banned! Three visits per week is enough.
  • Increasing the minimum table stake to a level beyond your limits.
  • Swapping the wheels around, or moving the frets, it does happen.
  • Playing the games faster than normal, which could result in you not putting your full bet on.

As an example of the power of this system, the next set of numbers are genuine results off one of the tables which I have played, and they were the first numbers I ever recorded.

Golden Pyramide Roulette System - Table 3

The next table is an updated results list of the same roulette table after approx 3,000 results.

If you note the top 12 numbers now, which are 0,9,10,14,15,19,28,29,30,31,33,35, on what happened to them on my very first recording session, some months earlier, you will find that they would have won 27 times out of 60 games which would have paid you a profit of $504 if you had been playing $2 chips.

On a recent visit the same numbers came out 56 times out of 120 spins. If you had played 12 x $2 chips every game a profit of $1152 would have been made.

Golden Pyramide Roulette System - Table 4

Critics and the sceptical may say coincidence or luck, well I know different and I hope your results soon convince you too.

Advanced Playing Strategy

  • A way to increase your winnings more than what you would win playing the basic method , is as follows: I have found that should you have 3 losses, the next game only bet on your 4 best numbers. So in table #1 example, you would only bet on numbers 7,11,26,& 34.Continue this until you have had 3 losses, then start your full 12 number bet again. Should you have a win during this safety period, still continue until 3 losses have occurred. Should you miss out on one of your other numbers during this period, don’t let this bother you, just continue until 3 none favourite numbers have come out together. You will be surprised how often one of your top 4 numbers will come out whilst playing safe, and will pay you a profit of $64, where as your bet will only be $8. On some occasions whilst playing safe you may miss out on a good run, don't be disheartened, because through intensive research, I have found that your total profit playing this way nearly always exceeds what you would have won playing every game.
  • When you double your starting balance, double your stake. So if you start off with a balance of $400 and you increase it to $800 you then play 2 x $2 chips on each number. Should you have the misfortune of a drop below $800, immediately revert back to your single chip bet. The same applies if you are playing with $5 dollar chips and your balance drops below $1,000, then you would decrease each bet to $4. Don’t be tempted to continue with your increased level of betting until you are back to a balance of $800. Discipline using this method is the safest most effective way of making regular big profits.
  • Should you ever have a croupier spin the wheel extremely slow, apart from retiring if the wins drop off, take special note of which numbers come out. Try and build up a list of numbers which come out during these slow spins of the wheel. Checkout what the top 4 or 5 numbers are, then go through your old lists of numbers and see if these top 4 or 5 come out during any bad runs which might have occurred. I have found that they do and also these numbers are right next door to some of your top 12 numbers. I discovered this on one visit when I was convinced the wheel had been tampered with because my numbers just weren't there. One thing I noted though, was that if the croupier had spun the wheel any slower it would have almost stopped before the ball had landed. After going through past results and spotting a trend in the numbers which come out during bad runs, I finally came up against the same croupier, at the same table again, still doing his slow spins. This time instead of going for my top numbers I just bet on the 5 numbers which were regular during slow spins. After 44 games betting $2 on the 5 numbers, I won 15 times resulting in a profit of over $600.
  • Should the frets have been moved, eg. 4 pockets anti-clockwise, re draw the wheel to see what your bias numbers are now. Rename the new numbers on your results table, and see if any of your top ones are grouped together. On one occasion, because the frets had been moved my top 4 numbers were suddenly grouped together. I bet on just this 4 corner continuously for several hours, and blitz the casino for several 1,000 dollars with ease. The disturbance even caused the bias to be even better than normal, and my top 2 numbers were coming out on average 1 in every 15 spins.

Alternative Play

If you are finding it difficult to find a suitable table, that will respond to the 12 bets, check out if it will respond better covering the top 18 or 24 numbers - some tables do!

Covering 18 numbers your break even target would be 15 wins out of 30 games.

Covering 24 numbers your target would then be 20 wins out of 30 games.

Because you will be winning more often, covering these extra numbers, you can then play in a slightly different manner if you wish, and have got the back up.

Should you lose, you can now chase your losses by increasing your stakes, on all your numbers, for the next number of games until your loss has been recovered. Use the following staking levels:-


SPIN # 1 2 3 4 5

CHIPS 1 1 2 4 8


SPIN # 1 2 3

CHIPS 1 2 6

Should you wish to play this method covering the 12 numbers you can use a staking level shown on the next page.


SPIN# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

CHIPS 1 1 1 2 3 4 6 9


Only play these staking levels if you have proved to yourself on paper first, that your chosen table doesn't have losing runs longer than the above levels, and also that the wheel is being spun at a good speed.


Now the odds are on your side.

Now that you know the general rules of the game, it is time to swing the advantage away from the house and back on to your side.

This will be done through raising your bets to chase a losing spin and by varying your style of play to match the random results of LIVE roulette.

Golden Pyramide Roulette System - Table 5

Imagine the table above is the layout of the roulette table.

All that we are interested in are the 6 lines, which have been numbered from 1 to 6.

Find a wheel that is producing a good variety of random results.

Start to record the results of each spin of the wheel, but instead of marking your scorecard with the actual number which the ball lands on, just mark down the number of the six line.

After several spins your scorecard should start to look something like the example below:-








2 Was the last spin.

You examine the results, and what you will bet on are the 3 six lines that have not been out in the last 3 spins.

So six lines numbered 1, 3, and 6 will have 1 chip placed on them for the next spin.

You continue this for every spin.

As the results vary, so do the six lines where you will be placing your bets.

If out of the last 3 spins only 2 six lines have produced the winning number, go back further in the results until you find the 3 six lines that have not been out the longest.

You always bet on 3 six lines.

If I have lost you, go back and read the rules again, you will find it is quite simple with practice.

Now that you know how to place your bets, it is now time to implement some form of recovery staking system to absorb the losses that will occur.

Every bet will be just 1 chip on each 6 line.

When you lose a spin, on your next bet place 2 chips on each 6 line.

Should you be unfortunate to lose this spin you then raise your next bet to 4 chips on each six line, and this is as high as you go.

Win or lose, it is back down to 1 chip again.

You continue this method throughout play, while keeping a close check on your pile of chips.

If you have a run of 3 losses, this is the only time that damage will be done to your pile of chips.

Stay clear of 3 losses and your pile of chips will be continuously growing.

If some unexpected losses have taken a big ‘chunk’ out of your pile and you are finding it a slow process to recover, then raise your first bet to 2 chips on each six line.

Again, double the bet every time you lose up to a 2nd chase.

Depending on your financial position, to recover further losses a doubling of the first bet one more time can quickly return your pile of chips to a very commanding position.

But, be aware that this second doubling of the first bet will require you to place 16 chips on each of the 3 six line if you are pushed with 2 losses.

When you have brought your pile back to how it was, go back down to the base bet of 1 chip per six line again.

That is all you need to know in order to play ‘THE SWEEPER’.

It should give you some long, enjoyable and profitable sessions at the casino.

Just remember to follow the rules exactly, and do not chase past a 3rd loss.

Also, do not be too greedy, on any one session, or you may bring too much attention to yourself and the casino will start to keep a close eye on you.

Have Fun, in spending your Winnings!

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