Goldmine Roulette System

This roulette system works on the dozens (pays 2/1).

The previous spin always determines which of the two dozens you'll bet next. Bet the two that DIDNOT hit on the previous spin.

So if the ball lands on the 1st dozen, you'll then bet the 2nd and 3rd dozens together.lf the ball lands on the 2nd dozen, you'll then bet the 1st and 3rd dozens together. And if the ball lands on the 3rd dozen you will bet on the 1st and 2nd dozens. When a 0 or 00 come up, continue to bet the same 2 dozen on the next spin.

As you can see we're betting for a change. We're betting that the ball will not hit the same dozen twice in a row. And we win 71.92% of the spins, less the zero's (5.26%of the time) = 66.7%.

You will be playing a bunch of mini games. Each game will last about 2 to 12 spins. You will need a note pad, this way you'll know when to end a game and start a new one.

Start each game with only 1 chiop on each dozen (2 chips total.lf the first spin is a win, continue to bet this way until there's a loss. When the first loss occurs increase your bet by one chip on each dozen and every spin thereafter.

Your bets will continue ti increase whether or not you are winning or losing. Each mini game will have it's own running total (amount of chips won or lost). After each spin, write down on your notepad win/loss, bet size, and figure the running total.lf the running total is +12or more, or if it is -6 or less, start a new mini game. Remember, when starting a new mini game, the running total starts at zero and the first bet is just 1 chip on each dozen. When you're done playing for the day,you can add up all the running totals and see exactly how much you've won.

To further illustrate how to use the method see the chart below amount bet outcome dozen W/L running total chips

1 1 2 w-1 +1

2 1 3 w-1 +2

3 1 3 L-2 0

4 2 00 L-4 -4

5 3 1 W-3 -1

6 4 3 W-4 +3

7 5 1 W-5 +8

8 6 2 W-6 +14 +14

Remember only increase your bets after your first loss and keep increasing your bet by one unit regardless of if your winning or losing.


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