Handy Brandy Roulette System

You got to have guts, patience and a good bankroll. Brandy is needed because of the three conditions. Handy Brandy makes a weekly profit by COVERING ALLTHE NUMBERS BUT FOUR PLAYING NO MORE THAN 10 SPINS ADAY.

The four numbers discarded of are the last four spins. Handy Brandy patiently waits, Not playing, until he would lose if would have applied the system. When one of the last four numbers hits again, he would have lost! Handy Brandy gets ready to play.

He covers all the numbers (0 and 00 including) but the numbers in the last FIVE spins (Four numbers to play, because one is a repeat). He makes 34 2-unit straight-up bets.

Chances are he wins most of the time. Next spin, he makes the same bet, using Now three units per number Handy Brandy uses some casino money):

  • The first time he won 38-36=2 units; 2 units times 2 = 4 units profit.
  • The second time: hewon 2 units x 3 = 6 units. Total profit per two plays: 10 units.

Things are not always like this. Handy Brandy could lose sometimes the first bet.

It happens very rarely, but one of the last four numbers will hit again. That's why Handy Brandy has his brandy on hand. After that type of loss he bets 3 units covering all the numbers but four. Can you believe it could happen one more time? Let's say so. Handy Brandy will bet 5 units on all numbers but the last unique four. In most cases, Handy Brandy wins two times in a row without any of the last four numbers repeating.

He goes immediately to another table. He knows that the "long run" kills the casino player more than anything else. After winning at the second table too, Handy Brandy Usually cashes out.

He runs out of the casino. Sometimes he might try doing the same thing at the third table, But never more than winning at three roulette tables. He'll do the same thing the next day at a different casino and again at another casino...

All right. Do not use the computer to test this system, LIVE Dealer casinos only!

As you saw, Handy Brandy plays no more than 10 spins day. Testing on millions Of simulation spins makes no sense. You got to test the system in a real casino, without money. Do it a few days in a row and see the real results. You check it at three LIVE roulette tables, but no more than three tables a day. If you want to reply to this post, don't do it here (keep the voting count accurate). Start a new thread if you want to reply to this system. Use "Handy Brandy" in the title.

If you feel like cursing me, I don't care. But do that first in your wife's presence.

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