Hi-Low, No Zero

Hi-Low, No Zero roulette system is based on some thoughts I was having after reading the Trio-Play system that I had received from a system swap site.

Basically my idea, and I realize I am not the first to think of this, was to play a progressive system on an even money bet, but to also play the other side. So I play High and Low, both using the same progression system. My idea was that if one of the sides was having a bad streak, then the other side would be having a good streak and I could win off that.

I have not tested all progressions, but seemed to have a modicum of luck using the following: increase your bet by one unit on a win, regress back to 1 unit on a loss.

The spreadsheet on the site tests this progression. Also note however, that at the time I created this spreadsheet I had just found an online casino that had a NO ZERO table, and this spreadsheet is testing the system on that table, therefore there is no zero taken into consideration in my calculation.