Hot List Roulette System

The vast majority of roulette systems available through any currently available method are based on outside bets (red/black, even/odd, 1-18/19- 36 and the dozens bets), and are paired with some sort of progression. The Hot List Roulette System is based on betting flat bets on inside numbers only. There is no progression involved with this system, thus minimizing the losses taken during any losing streak.

The problem with any roulette system, regardless of its nature, is overcoming the irrefutable, mathematical casino advantage. This system has been developed and tested against only a single-zero wheel. Whenever you bet on an inside number and win, you are paid 35 to 1 odds, despite the true odds, which are 37 to 1.

The Hot List Roulette System is designed, as all good systems should be, to maximize profits in the short run and minimize losses in the long run.

Through extensive testing, it has proven to do this quite effectively. This system is intended to be used against real, brick and LIVE Dealer casinos. It has done quite well against the spins posted at the Hamburg-Spielbank. In fact, against the entire month of February 2002, a total of 217 sessions were tested. 177 of these sessions won anywhere from one unit to 35 units.

Against these 4,725 spins, the total profit for the system was 910 units. This means that with a minimum of a $5 unit, in approximately 160 hours worth of testing against real spins, this system profits nearly $29 an hour. Double this amount for a $10 unit, triple it for a $15 unit, etc. Safe bankroll limits will be discussed later in this document.


Everybody is probably asking why this system works by this point. As mentioned earlier, this system is based on flat betting against inside numbers only. The philosophy behind this system revolves around something called the law of the third. This is a mathematical law in roulette that says that in any 36 spin cycle, on average, you will see only 24 different numbers, meaning that 12 of those spins will be repeats. Within those 12 repeats, in nearly every single session of 36 spins, there will be numbers that appear for a third time. That is where the Hot List Roulette System goes to work.


This system is based on sessions that will last a maximum of 36 spins and a minimum of 3 spins. You will track the wheel while not betting at all for a minimum of two spins, and in some sessions, you will track the wheel for as many as 15-20 spins, though these instances are few and far between. Keep track of what numbers have come up. List them in order. As soon as a number repeats, bet one unit on it. This number has been added to the “hot list.” As subsequent numbers repeat, begin to bet on them also, adding them to the “hot list.”

Take this sequence of 36 numbers from the Hamburg-Spielbank as an example:








28 **

35 (bet 28) -1 unit

23 (bet 28) ** -2 units

13 (bet 28, 23)** -4

18 (bet 28, 23, 13) -7

34 (bet 28, 23, 13) -10

2 (bet 28, 23, 13) -13

29 (bet 28, 23, 13) -16

27 (bet 28, 23, 13) -19

13 (bet 28, 23, 13) WIN! +14 units

------------session ends-------------




















Notice that this particular session for this system ends as soon as a profit is made. This will be the same for any given session with this system. As soon as a profit is made, the session ends. However, do not hesitate to begin another session with a fresh sequence of spins. Track the wheel in the same manner. This system never changes.

This isn’t to say that there won’t be losing sessions – there just won’t be very many of them. The typical losing session will be larger than the typical winning session. However, the larger losing sessions do not make up for the winning sessions. This system wins more than it loses – it’s just that simple.

Any given session within this system ends in three different ways. The first way is that the system produces a profit, and in this case the session ends immediately and another begins. The second way is that the 36 spin cycle is completed – in this case, the session ends as soon as the 36 spins are over and another session begins. The third way that a session can be ended is if at any time the session loses 90 units or more. If at any time a session breaks the 90 unit barrier, the session ends, and immediately another begins.

A 90-unit setback with a $5 unit might seem quite sizable to some, as it is a loss of $450. This is where the required bankroll for this system comes in. This system protects against total defeat, while maximizing your victories, and it is with a sizable bankroll in combination with this system that this happens.


Assuming that you’re using the minimum unit of $5 at any given land-based, brick and mortar casino, the required bankroll will be $5,000. Don’t let this scare you. At no time during the testing of this system was anywhere near a $5,000 loss run encountered. This sizable, 1,000-unit bankroll is merely a precaution against total defeat should an extremely unlikely, negative run be encountered at any time you play this system.

In testing against the Hamburg-Spielbank, the largest losing run at any time was 223 units or $1,115 with a $5 unit. The system quickly came back with consecutive winning sessions totaling 233 units ($1,165), producing a $50 profit even after this bout with misfortune.

If you are better endowed financially and can afford a $10 unit or more, then by all means, use it. Just be aware that this sizable unit requires a bankroll of $10,000 for the $10 unit, $15,000 for the $15 unit, etc.


It was stated earlier that there is no progression involved with this system. There is no short term progression involved with this system, because it puts your bankroll at risk too quickly. However, I’m quite certain that you will want to maximize the long-term profits that can be made with this system. Therefore, a long-term progression is offered for this system.

We will assume that your starting unit is $5 and your starting bankroll is $5,000. If at any time your long term profits reach $5,000, bringing your total bankroll to $10,000, raise your unit to $10. Keep the gain and loss limits in place as described earlier. Now, you quit immediately after you get ahead and you quit immediately after losing 90 units or $900.

You must be sure that you raise and lower your unit according to your wins and losses. Raise your unit if you get above $10,000, but lower it if you get significantly below $10,000 (i.e. $9,000 or lower).  ontinue to raise your unit accordingly with your bankroll.

Sample Runs

In the following few pages a few sample runs are illustrated, where you can observe both methods. In the first one, the session ends as soon as you are ahead shown under column Net When Ahead. In the second method, you go through the entire cycle of 36 spins shown under column Net.

The Repeat column indicates when the numbers repeat. The Win/Lose column indicates when the number repeated for the second time, thus winning your bet. As you encounter more repeating numbers, the number of chips you bet on the table grows accordingly.

Hot List Roulette Systems - Example 1

The above was a very good run. Had you stopped the moment you were ahead, you would have been at +17 units. Going through the entire cycle wins you 101 units.

In the above sample, you start betting on number 11 right after number 11 repeats. In spin no. 7, number 28 repeats, and you start betting on 11 and 28.

In spin no. 12, number 17 repeats, so you bet on 11, 17 and 28. In spin no. 14, number 28 repeats for the second time, where you win your bet. At that point you are 17 units ahead. You can either stop for the session, or go through the remaining of the 36 spins. Both methods are profitable.

Here is another sample:

Hot List Roulette Systems - Example 2

Here, too, continuing with the entire 36 spins wins you 41 units versus 21 had you stopped at the first time you were ahead.

Here is another example:

Hot List Roulette Systems - Example 3

The above is an example where quitting the moment you’re ahead at +19 units is worthwhile, as continuing through the whole cycle may end up with some lost units (-24).

There will be times where you will encounter some losing runs such as the following:

Hot List Roulette Systems - Example 4

In the example above, after the second win, you are at –37 units. Going through the whole cycle, you end up with –60. Those runs will happen. But the winning runs will outnumber the losing ones, such as in the following sample:

Hot List Roulette Systems - Example 5

One thing you may have observed is that if you quit the moment you are ahead, your winning units cannot exceed 35 units. If you go on with the 36 spins, your winnings can escalate to more than 100 units.

Select the method that best suits your style.

Wishing you lots of success using the Hot List Roulette System.

Aaron Baker,

Izak Matatya

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