Hot Numbers Roulette System

In this roulette strategy you will have the chance to play on 'hot numbers' and more likely biased numbers.

As part of our data analysis, one method we devised was to break the results down into groups of 30 spins at a time.

We then analysed the patterns that were developing across these 30 spin groups, especially with numbers which eventually appeared the most times over prolonged play.

A certain pattern was identified and this is what we targeted in the development of Hot Numbers system.


Start to collect numbers from a wheel, preferably one that you have established to show some bias.

You keep a track of the last 30 spins and take note of the frequency of the numbers that have been 'hitting'.

When a number appears 3 times within 30 spins, you then play that number straight up, until it loses 60 continuous spins.

While playing this number, others may also qualify, and you then play them at the same time in the same manner.

Top numbers of a wheel have a tendency to appear in cycles.

They may suddenly hit a number of times and then drift away for a while and then return more frequently.

Because we will be starting play sooner rather than later, we are hoping that the number that has appeared 3 times in 30 spins, is one of the top numbers.

Allowing play on this number to last for a minimum of 60 spins, we are giving that number a chance to drift slightly, yet we will be on it should it not drift but reappears as frequently as possible.

During the vast amount of research that we have done, we found that not many poor numbers hit 3 times within 30 spins, so it is unlikely that we will be playing poor numbers too often. Below, you will find a scorecard showing the results of 120 spins.

10 Numbers qualified during play, and the moment that they qualified I have shaded them.

28 5 23 28

7 24 26 24

6 12 25 16

26 30 23 2

8 29 16 36

31 9 12 33

9 21 8 23

19 11 32 0

18 23 13 30

11 5 29 24

16 15 14 35

12 36 17 20

12 34 31 20

31 21 20 13

12 16 26 12

27 13 28 1

1 13 1 10

2 25 26 2

23 33 31 16

35 6 0 5

18 7 27 8

9 32 23 12

31 20 4 22

12 34 15 16

0 22 8 5

13 2 36 17

1 31 8 21

33 16 30 9

2 8 3 5

29 6 25 13

As you can see play started after spin number 15, when a straight up bet would be placed on number 12.

At spin number 23, number 31 then qualified.

This would also then be played at the same time as number 12.

The results from when play started at spin number 15 to when it finished at spin number 120 are shown below.

Number 12 won 75 units.

Number 31 won 11 units.

Number 9 lost 60 units.

Number 13 won 35 units.

Number 23 lost 20 spins.

Number 16 won 53 units.

Number 26 lost 42 units.

Number 8 won 37 units.

Number 36 lost 25 units.

Number 20 lost 17 units.

The total result for this play would have produced a 47 unit profit.

The scorecard and wheel used were nothing special, and were only used as an example of what can happen.

You will have wins much larger than this along the way.

Play stopped at spin number 120 for no reason and it could have continued.


When you play the system, you should always play it exactly as rules state, and never let anything sway you to place other bets.

Do not let other players change your style of play for any reason and do not let the eye of theĀ LIVE casino bosses put you off from placing your bets.

The casino management deep down believe that Roulette cannot be beaten, yet they will pay attention to you when you are winning consistently.

Stick with your plans and do not be intimidated!

If you are winning large amounts, keep a close look on any possible chance they may have of changing the ball. This is all they can do during play to stop your top numbers from winning.

Never bring attention to yourself especially when you are winning.

Hide some of your chips in your pockets so that you don't catch the croupiers eye, or the eyes of other players.

Should anyone start to copy your bets, see how long it lasts, and if they are going with you all the way, cash in and return later.