This book is directed to the player of roulette. To the player that knows already basically the operation of the game. To the player that has proven other methods without success.

And lack to him two very important things, a book that explain to him that what happens really in the roulette, and a method that to give him some high guarantees of success in the game.

All we have read some book that fills pages and more pages on the theories of the random and the probabilities calculation without a subsequent practical application, and also we have proven methods "miraculous" that though make to win money when the situation is favorable do not notify of the dangers of an unfavorable situation, neither explain how surpassing it. These situations are presented more often than what we think and we wish.

Precisely by these reasons I will not extend in theoretical explanations. I will limit me to explain some indispensable basic notions to understand on that base has been built the method and below we will put in practice its game mechanism on real game sequences.