Hunter Roulette System


The main idea in this system is to arrive in the LIVE Dealer roulette casino, win big amounts of money in a short time and leave the casino fast. It is a known fact that when a player wins a lot in a roulette wheel and stays long time in that wheel, he will be a center of attention to the casino personnel and that is no good for the player. Never is recomended to stay a long time winning in a roulette wheel, it’s much better to have lots of short wins that one big and long win.

Bet selection

It is a fact that in a cycle of 37 spins, some numbers will not appear at all (13,43 on average), some numbers will appear one time (13,8 on average), and the rest of the numbers will appear more than one time.

You will be betting on those numbers that hit two times in a period (historical) of the last 30 spins. Also you can use a historical of 15 spins if you want.

Personally I prefer a historical of 30 spins.

You will need to take note of the last 30/15 numbers in order to be able to make the bet selection.


When you find the first repetition within the historical, you start betting with one unit that number that has repeated two times.

You go on betting that number until it hits or you have a new repetition in the historical. In this case you bet the first and the new number, each of them with 2 units. If you have another new number, you bet the first, second and the last new number, each of them with 3 units.

Every time you have a new repetition, you increase the bet by one unit.

Total numbers to bet Bet per number

1   1

2   2

3   3

4   4

5   5

6   6

... ...

You go on betting until you have the first hit. Never stop betting before you have the first hit. Each time when you start the session, it has to be finished with a hit, always!

When you have the first hit, if you have profits or not, stop betting and start a new session. If you don’t have profits you can move to another wheel.

On average you will have profits in 82% of the session. The rest of the sessions you will suffer small loses.

Money management

  • Never bet the money you won in the LIVE casino, this way you don’t lose all your initial bankroll if you had at least one session won.
  • You will use two bankrolls:
  1. The initial bankroll: the money you bring to the casino. With this bankroll you will play all the sessions.
  2. The bankstack: the money you won in the casino. Don’t use this money to play.
    • REMEMBER: Never stop a session without a hit. Each time when you start the session, it has to be finished with a hit, always!

This is the main mistake you can do when playing this system.


The initial bankroll you need is between 300 to 800 units. For more safety I recomend 800 units.

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Special note: There is no guarantee to the amount of money you will win or lose. All casino games are entertaining games of pure chance and luck. cannot be held responsible for persons having a lot of bad luck or taking risky chances.