Inside Betting Play

START THE DAY OF with this play...first bet is always last color spun

bet $25 win

bet $25 win.


Now same bet $25 win

next bet $25 lose STOP: EQUAL start again

Next bet $25 lose

Next bet $30 win: STOP. WON $5 START OVER.

next bet $25 lose

next bet $30 lose

Now we hit the inside numbers, $5 PER NUMBER,

0,1,2,6,9,12 13,14,15,16,17,23 26,29,31,32,33,34 WITH ONE SPIN.


Now start over again.

For double zero wheels use these numbers: 0,5,7,8,9,10,13,14,16,17,19,21,25,28,29,31,32,34


First of all let me thank you for purchasing what I hope will be a very fun and profitable roulette system. My name is J.L. , and I have spent many years working in the financial industry. There is nothing I enjoy more than helping people make profitable financial decisions. I believe that one must take calculated risks to get the kind of returns that we all strive for. So I guess it should come as no surprise when I tell you that I also love the excitement of the Casino. There is no better feeling than hitting that jackpot or making that winning wager.

Being an analytical person, the thing that always frustrated me about going to the Casino was that I could never find a "winning" strategy. You know, a system that you know when you go into a LIVE dealer roulette casino you can use the system and not just hand over your money to the casino. Oh, I have tried most of the so called "guaranteed' systems. I have gone from slots to black jack to craps, but I could never find that system that I could really put my faith, and my money in. That is until I became a regular at the roulette table. Here is where I found a system that I felt so confident about , I decided to offer it to others who were just like me. Regular people who were looking for that edge to make their trips to the casino something to remember.

I have never been employed by a casino, nor do I have any "inside" information. Everything that I present here to you is the result of hours research and practical experience. I, along with two of my associates have made countless trips to different casinos to try and perfect this system. This system is very elementary. That is what makes it so effective. There are no elaborate schemes to remember, and you don't have to be a genius or have a steel trap memory to put this system to work for you. Good luck and have fun.


The system is titled the "The Inside Way" because it focuses solely on playing the inside numbers. I believe that is where the greatest success and the greatest payoff is. If you are like me you have read about all the "winning" roulette systems that are out there. Everything from biased wheels, to probability statistics, to random number selection has been promoted as the key to unlock the roulette wheel. Let me first say that there is no system that will ever be the perfect match for the roulette wheel. They all have flaws. Some more so than others. What I have done is take a few principles from some of the theories that I feel to be valid and integrated those with what I have learned from my own personal experiences at the wheel.

The first thing that you must understand is where the numbers are on the wheel. This is the foundation to be able to successfully use this system. You may want to take a look at a wheel just to get a mental picture of how the numbers are displayed on the wheel. One of the biggest mistakes I see people making when playing roulette is randomly throwing countless numbers of chips across the board with no apparent reasoning as to why they are putting them where they do.

Because roulette wheels in the U.S. have 38 possibilities, (36 numbers with 0 and 00) the probability of picking the one number that will come up is not very good. This is where my first principle comes into play. By splitting the wheel up into sections, you can substantially improve your chances of winning by reducing the odds.

For this system I have divided the board into six adjoining sections:

  • The first section starts with the number 2 and ends with the number 16. (2,14,35,23,4,16)
  • The second section starts with the number 33 and ends with the number 19. (33,21,6,18,31,19)
  • The third section starts with the number 8 and ends with the number 27. (8,12,29,25,10,27)
  • The fourth section starts with the number 1 and ends with the number 15. (1,13,36,24,3,15)
  • The fifth sections begins with the number 34 and ends with the number 20. (34,22,5,17,32,20)
  • The sixth and final section begins with the number 7 and ends with the number 28. (7,11,30,26,9,28)

I have intentionally left out the 0 and 00. This is more of a personal preference than anything, but it allows me to operate with six even sections. To make the sections easier to visualize I have provided a matrix (Appendix 1- see below) that I use when I visit the casino. I suggest you copy this matrix onto a small card (I use a business card) to take with you when you go to the casino. So if you start at the number 2 on the wheel and go clockwise your matrix should coincide (from left to right) with the wheel. By using the matrix you don't have to memorize the exact wheel layout, you just have to be able to use the matrix.

Now that you have the tools you will need I will now begin to explain the system. As I state above, it is very hard to predict with any accuracy exactly what number will come up next on the wheel. By dividing the wheel into six parts we can play number combinations in such a way to allow us to win every time a number in our zone comes up. We don't therefore have to be exact, we just have to try to isolate zones on the wheel. Going back to our matrix you can begin to see how our system will work. The matrix is dividing into six sections with six numbers in each section. After testing the system for some time, I realized that it was much easier and more profitable to play five numbers at a time. Five is also the maximum number of spins we will play any "zone" without having a winner. Now on to the system.

I have already mentioned that I have taken certain parts of theories that I believe to have some validity. On the theory of biased wheels, I do believe that certain wheels have a tendency to produce more numbers from certain "zones." Before beginning play on any wheel, we will always look at past performance of that wheel to determine what zone we will begin in. If this is the first time you have seen the particular wheel, you will have to review 10 or 15 prior spins to try and get some sort of feel for the wheel. This is in no way perfect, but it beats starting with no frame of reference. Assuming we have never played this wheel before, we will be looking for a pattern in those 10 to 15 prior spins that we review before we start play. For instance, lets assume that the 10 prior spins have come up as follows : 26, 2, 5, 17, 25, 17, 20, 18, 22, 9. The most obvious pattern is two 17's.

However, if we look at our matrix we will also notice that 5, 20, and 22 are also on the same line of our matrix as 17. In other words, this "zone" on the wheel seems to come up more than any others. We have now identified our first "zone." Remember that I said I used five numbers and not six so you will need to use five adjoining numbers in the "zone" to begin play. I purposely used these numbers because my most effective zone has been 22, 5, 17, 32, 20. This is just a coincidence for me, so don't think you need to play this zone. Also note that you need not stay within the six sections as long as you are playing adjoining numbers. For instance, in the previous example if you felt you wanted the number 7 in your zone and not 22, just because 7 falls in the sixth section on the matrix doesn't preclude it from being in your zone. In the beginning it just reduces your thinking time to pick five consecutive numbers from one of the six sections you have in front of you. Anyway, with the 7 added and the 22 dropped your zone would now be 5, 17, 32, 20, 7.

By now you will begin to see the pattern you we will be using to produce more consistent winners. Now to begin play. After you have identified your "zone" place equal bets on all five numbers in your zone. You will repeat this bet for five spins until you have a winner. If after five spins you have not won, take a look at the last five spins and reevaluate your zone. Never play the same zone more than five losing spins. If I have a winner on any of the first five spins, I double(increase) my bet and continue to play the same zone. So if I win on the second spin, I double(increase) my bet and play at least the next five spins, assuming I lose the next five spins. If I have a winner in the next five spins I double(increase) my bet again and play at least the next five spins. After this third round win or lose I normally reevaluate my zone and begin again with my initial bet. The only time I don't do this is if my zone is extremely hot and I feel the best move for me is to stay where I am and continue to press my bets.

Now let's take a minute and recap what we have so far. After identifying our zone, we place our bets on at least five consecutive spins. If we have no winners, we chose another zone and begin betting again. If we have a winner on any of the first five spins, we increase our bet in the same zone and start the five spin count again. We do the same thing until we have a third winner in the same zone or lose after five spins. Either way after the third round win or lose we will reevaluate our zone. It may be that we have had three winners on say five spins and see no reason to change zones until we have had five losers in a row. Again, the two things we are trying to accomplish is finding "hot zones" on the wheel and using adjoining numbers to create an advantage by increasing the odds at least one of our numbers will come up.

Now let's look at an hypothetical trip to the roulette wheel. Let's assume as in the example above I have never played this wheel and look at the prior ten spins before I begin play. Let's assume the same ten numbers as above: 26, 2, 5, 17, 25, 17, 20, 18, 22, 9. Let's also assume that we have decided to use the same zone: 22, 5, 17, 32, 20. Because I am not sure about the wheel I start on a .50 cent table and place my chips on the five numbers in my zone.

The first spin is 15, no winner

The second spin is 24, no winner

The third spin is 20, our first winner.

At this point I start my five spin count again and increase my bets to $1.

The first, second and third spins are 11,2, and 00, all losers.

The fourth spin is 17, my second winner. At this point I would again begin my five spin count and press my bets to say $2.

In this example I would probably adjust my zone and go back to my initial .50 bet after this round regardless of whether I won or lost because I probably wouldn't feel that confident about continuing to press in this zone. After the third round you will probably be able to see certain patterns develop and be able to adjust your zone accordingly.

I think it is important to make a couple of points here. As I stated earlier, the system is designed to be simple and user friendly. It doesn't matter if you are just looking for a little fun or are looking to make some serious money, the system can be adapted to fit your betting habits. If you just want to play the zones and never increase your bets, that is fine. If, however, you get on a hot streak and think you can make a bundle by continuing to press your bets, then you can still use the system to produce more winners. The important thing to remember about the system is the theory behind it. Always look for zones on certain wheels that you think will consistently produce more winners, and play these zones to increase the probability that one of your numbers will come up.

Remember, you are creating a block of numbers on the wheel so that you only have to be close not exact.

This system is designed to provide a foundation that roulette players can build on. The system is not meant to be absolute. I have taken the system and played many different variations on different days at different casinos. For example, assume you are at a wheel that is consistently producing three numbers in your zone but for some reason does not produce the two remaining numbers in zone. Although I don't suggest creating "gaps" in your zones, if you feel confident and want to increase your bets on just those three numbers in your zone than by all means do so. Just realize that if those three numbers are not side by side you are leaving holes in your zone. There are many other variations that can be played using my system and I am currently working on more publications that extend this system even further. For now, I suggest you begin to use the principles on a limited basis until you feel comfortable with the system and confident you can win.


This "Bonus Section" is intended for the gambler looking to make a few large hits in a very short period of time. This system is based on the original "Inside Way" but is recommended for the more serious player as it involves more risk and therefore the potential for more reward. This system is called "Suicide Roulette" because it involves increasing bets after every losing hand.

We will always start with one hundred chips, whether they be $1, $5, or $25 chips. We will increase our bets after every losing spin so that if we did not win any spins our chip outlay would look like this.

# of chips per selection

# of selections

chips used

























We will again be using the five number adjoining zone just as we used in the "Inside Way." Only this time we WILL NOT change our zone. We will quit after we have gone through an entire round of 100 chips with no winners. Let's assume the same zone as above: 22, 5, 17, 32, 20. We would start with one chip on all five numbers. If we don't have a winner we would again bet one chip on all five numbers. If we have no winner on the second spin, the third spin we will increase our bet to two chips on all five numbers for a total of ten chips. The table above will show how the remainder of the bets are to be made. When we do have a winner we start back at the top of the table with one chip on the same five numbers in the zone. the object is to hit as many spins with 3 or 4 chips as possible. The game ends when you are satisfied with your winners or you have gone through an entire one hundred chip cycle with no winners. again this system is designed for the more serious player as you must be willing to lose one hundred chips if you have no winners. I have found the payout using this system on a hot table can be great.

I hope that by now you are beginning to see how this system can produce consistent winners.

Remember the two things you are trying to accomplish. First of all you are trying to locate those "hot zones" that you believe will produce the most winners. Secondly you are trying to bet these zones in the most effective manner by choosing adjoining numbers in our zones. We are not just picking winning numbers, but winning sections of the wheel. By doing this we are increasing the odds in our favor. Also remember that it is not necessary to increase your bets with winning spins, only do this if you can afford to do so, and you feel confident about the wheel you are playing. I have won big very quickly with this system, but I have also lost. If you ever get on a wheel that doesn't produce winners or have any type of pattern, get up and go somewhere else. Never stay on a wheel with the thought that your luck might soon turn. Also, it is sometimes a good idea if you go up big very fast, to take your profits and take a break. Sometimes winning can cause us to become overconfident. I know this is the case with me.

The object of going to the casino should first and foremost be to have a good time. Of course, we all want to win a lot of money, but that doesn't always happen. I sincerely believe that if you use this system wisely you can greatly improve your chances of being one of those who takes the casino's money home instead of vice versa. Always use common sense, and never bet more than you can afford to lose. I hope "The Inside Way" becomes your way to winning roulette.

Thanks Again and Good Luck.


Just as I can't share in your winnings when you hit that hot streak, likewise I can't be held responsible for your loses. Every person is responsible for his or her own decisions. I have provided a system that I believe will help you win more consistently at the roulette wheel. However, I can not and do not guarantee that you will win anything with this system. Gambling involves inherent risks. If the casinos didn't make money they would all shut down. The odds are in their favor, I am just trying to help you level the playing field a little. Again, always use your own best judgment and don't let anyone tell you what is best for you.

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