London Mans Staking Plan

Like most punters I've lost money on LIVE Dealer roulette - but I soon discovered that although there just aint no way to actually be 100% certain of winning, you can make a reasonable return using my simple staking method. It works best with a single zero wheel.


You begin by placing 1 unit (chip) on each of the columns & 1 unit (chip) on each dozen. (forget zero for the moment) - so obviously one of the columns AND one of the dozens has to win. So, the amount you lose on the losing columns and losing dozens is added to the winning column AND the winning dozen. You will then replace the losing column stake 1 chip AND the losing dozen stake 1 chip and allow the winning column And winning dozen to repeat for 4 (or 5 or 6 times -it's up to you) then remove the 81 chips from the 3-timer column or dozen. As zero is no different to any other number you will only cover it with 1 chip (insurance) when you have 27 chips riding on a column or dozen for its 3rd time.

Best of LUCK chaps!