Magnet Roulette System

This roulette method automatically covers all forming series on the even chances with high bets, while a break of these chances basically rebuts by low bets. You certainly say that nobody can guess the beginning of formation of the series. This is true, but it is not important when you use this method. The only important thing is that the series form anyway.

Since this system simultaneously covers all three chosen chances, complete absence of series is practically impossible.

For the best, start with a motionless game.

Play three chosen chances simultaneously.

These chances should be chosen from the beginning of the game, change the march of the game only then, when the course of the game turns out to be unchancy.

Let's assume you chose black, even, big.

The first bet: 8-8-8 will be made on these three chances.

If one of these bets win we save its height for the next spin.

The lost bets lose a half of their size and get shorter,

if it is required, to one unit. A shortened bet that wins doubles for the next spin, but maximum to 8 units. Thereby, it lasts until the expected profit will be received or decision to change the course of the game will be made. Changing the game course you do not just pass to counter-chances, but also change the motionless game to a mobile one.

Only a practical game can give you the final opinion about toughness of this roulette system.

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