May’s Roulette System

The roulette system of this month is based entirely on the law of the third, and precisely on the play of the full numbers. You need to create a chart with the 36 numbers of the roulette, excepted the 0 and 00, disposed like in the carpet of play, after that you put an x above to the numbers gone out to obtain 18 different x (this happen through 23 24 spin of the croupier), finds in a situation like in the figure here to the right. Play to carpet the 9 full numbers remained free that formed an upright or horizontal “filotto”.

THE “FILOTTO” IS A GROUP OF THREE NUMBERS PLACED IN UPRIGHT OR IN HORIZONTAL IN ONE OF THE FOUR QUADRATES THAT COMPOSED SKETCH FORM 9 NUMBERS EACH 3*3. Look for example to the real status to the desk nr 1 from HollyWood City Lodge roulette wheell #1 of the 4/24/97:


Like you could see obtain a positive result to the first hit of play because the 8/9 numbers to play (in this case 9 numbers) have given instant exit. in this case the numbers to play was: 4/6/11/15/20/24/30/32/36 to play to carpet with a piece for 4 consecutive hits, in the rare cases wich you not had useful in the first 4 hits play the same numbers with 2 pieces until in yours diagram of play have appared 4 “filotti” because in this case you have finished the game. When you want to play again you need a new diagram. IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU COULD BEGIN TO PLAY ONLY IF THE 18 MARKED X DOESN’T CREATE MORE OF 2 “FILOTTI”

The system is good, before play it to the casino prove in a real LIVE roulette status or to the simulator.

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Special note: There is no guarantee to the amount of money you will win or lose. Roulette and other casino games are entertaining games of pure chance and luck. I cannot be held responsible for persons having a lot of bad luck or taking risky chances.