MONINJA 2'S Roulette System

This is an old roulette system, it involves playing the double streets. When a player plays the double streets, they win more often, but when the lose, it takes more and more wins to come back. A system I read a while back involved getting back losses in 2 spins, maybe that was the wrong approach, I am thinking 2 wins per loss may be what is needed instead to gain back the losses.

So lets say we are playing, everything we earn goes into a bank.

Now, this bank will make allowances when it reaches a weird number that is not divisible by 5. So if you are at 8 units, you will take the 3 units left over and take them against any losses but this will not be done till you try the recovery first.

Playing 5 double streets (choose them however you want, I will not post an idea for them, leave it open ended).

Spin 1 you lose. You are down 5 units, so we divide by 2 and round down (or if it is odd, just minus 1 then divide by 2). So we bet 2 units per double street.

We lose both, so now we are down -10 -5 we are down -15 units and are expected to win theoretically 10 times. Lets take it slowly though and see what happens.

Next we would bet 5 units per double street. Lets say we lose, we are now down -25 -10 -5, theoretically we are expected to win back 15 times now. the next bet would be 12 units per double streets for 2 bets. lets say we lose again.

-60 -25 -10 -5. We are now down even more.

In this case, we are down 100 units and are expected to win theoretically 20 times to overcome the losses. If we lost the 30 bet, we would be down 250 units!

We could though also do the reverse of this idea and try to get rid of the lower bets, then on streaks, we would be more prosperous and hopefully win more often. So instead of the next bet of 30 units per double street, lets see what it would be. We lose our first spin so we are at -5. We try to recoup by playing 2 units per dozen, we lose so then we are down -10 -5.

We try to recoup the 5 again and lose again and again:  -10 -10 -10 -5

If we lost again, we would only be down -45 units instead of the -250 units above. What is the difference? the difference is that even though we are looking for the same streak, the bets will remain lower for the bottom idea, trying to regain units on a winning run and minimizing them on a losing run. But, if you hit a choppy sequence, like win win loss, win win loss, the top progression would be better because you are not going anywhere, with the bottom idea you are heading upwards in bets, but the win win lose would not happen very often and it would be very infrequent. The wins would last longer.

There is a older system that was palyed a long time ago and won (with a huge bankroll) and it went if you lose, you multiply your bets by 5, hence the progression 1-5-25-125-625 now if this lost, it would be down 781 units.

I find it better to be down 250 units after 5 consecutive losses or even down -45 rather than -781 units wouldn't you?

The idea I am trying to give light to is that when you try to push the odds too far too soon, you can run into some terrible things, and when you are expected later to have a good run, you should wait for it and when it is time, take it for all its worth. The original system took the losses and divided by 2 the first time, then 3 the second time, then 4 the 4th time, then it played the 5th time 2 times if you lost, you lost lots of units. Lets see how it would have done compared to the -781, -250, and -45.

-5 units the first spin. Play 3 units per double street.

Lose again. -20 units/3 paly 7 units per double street.

lose -55 units/4 play 14 unist per double street.

lose -70 units. -125/5 play 25 units per double street

lose -125 units. total lost after 5 bets -5 -20 -55 -70 -125 total of -275. That actually isnt' too bad. A good thing for this idea is that you if you encounter a win win loss patter, you would actually regain units and have them all back in no time at all. This is better than -781 units lost on a streak of 5 against you.

I can't remember the system, i think it was called the Safest roulette method or something, but i believe maybe the ways I suggested for bankroll treatment would be a good consideration. You could even adopt more than one idea into it.

Lets say you are playing and you are winning, then the play to adopt would be maybe the /each loss + loss or maybe the /2 biggest to smallest routine. If you hit a rough patch, after 2 losses or something, then switch methods to the more conservative approach getting rid of smaller bets till a streak occurs.

This also leads into a system I like very much called Ambush flat staking plan. If a streak does come against you, then you can play it for all its worth. Ambush is that kind of system, it waits for a streak, then just rakes in the dough. The money management behind it is fairly good from my viewpoint, it slowly rises as the odds go against you, but when the odds kick in and you hit a streak of a double street hitting 5-6 times (no consecutively, but maybe within 1 - 2 even 3 spins, it just gets all those losses back quickly and leaves you maybe a little short, but from most of my experiences with a few profits, if I have profits though I will either try to ride it out by lowering the bets, or keep the bets at the same stake when feeling a little more confident in hopes to get more units, but I usually do the first idea and still make some more profits instead of quitting with some units ahead.

I just typed this cause I was bored and wanted to type about double streets, any thoughts would be nice to follow up on.

Some selection methods I have found that work really good (can be tough at times) but for the most part gets you those winners is as follows.

  1. You bet the last 5 double streets to occur, it would take the same double street patterns to get you into a huge downward spiral, rarely happens if ever.
  2. Bet all the double streets that didn't just show up in the last spin and follow it up by only betting those same 5 over and over and over until you lose 2 times within 3 spins, then switch or wait or by then you wuold have a track record of what double streets are prone to "sleeping".
  3. Bet the against the double street that hasn't shown up the longest time. So if you are at the table and double street 1 shows up, then 3 2 times, then 2, then 4, then 6 3 times, bet double street 5 that it will not show up for a while. Double streets can sleep for periods of 30 or 40 spins even more!
  4. Random, before you get to the table, write a bunch of numbers 1-6 on a sheet of paper (about 50 of them) then don't play the double street that is on the paper. So it would be like 1-5-3-4-2-4-5-1-1-2- 4-5-3-6-4-5-6-5-2-5-4-3-1 etc etc.

That is just about all the bet selections I tend to like, try some things out, maybe you will like it.

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