I can't help but wonder why I constantly read on these message boards about how people have systems, but rarely see them shared. We're all in this together, right? It's pretty much us against the LIVE Dealer casinos, and believe me, none of us is such a genius that if our "secret system" gets out the Casinos will "shut the game down".

Anyway, here is a small system I use that I consider more of a method than an actual system, and that will maybe help someone make a buck or two.

What you need:

  • Commitment to a bankroll that is 70X the minimum inside bet on a roulette table
  • A willingness to play a game that can leave you at the table for a long time

Here is what you do:

  1. Pick a starting # on the wheel - it doesn't really matter what number (I'll explain why in a sec)
  2. Bet the minimum on the chosen #. Keep betting the minimum on the chosen number for 35 times or until you win. If you win -you win! Pocket the plus money for however much it was at the point of the win. For example, if you hit your number 10 spins in, then you can pocket 25X your bet since the payoff is 35 to 1. If you lose then proceed to #3.
  3. Now bet to minimise your loss. This is a hard concept to understand to some people, but just hear it all out. Now bet up to 35 times again to attempt to bring your loss down. For example, bet your same minimum bet on the same number for another 35 times. Let's say that after 10 more spins you hit the number -then you are now only out negative 10X your original bet because you've just recovered 25X of it.
  4. Now use the difference to go for plus money again by subtracting the amount you are down from the original 35. Staying with the example above, let's say you bet the on the number 1...the wheel went 35 times and didn't hit You now start a second 35 to recover money. Say the number 1 hits 10 times into the "recovery" stage - you are now only down 10X your original bet, which also means that if you can get the number to hit in the next 25 times, then you will still make plus money, or at least break even.

A quick breakdown:

You bankroll needs to be 70X the minimum inside table bet. This bankroll is split in half. Half you will call "plus" money, and the other half is "recovery" money. If you hit with the first half—then you win. If you don't hit, then bet the recovery amount in an attempt to "regain" more attempts to win positive money. Do all of this by betting on the same number, which is a number of your choosing.

Here is what I see as being the benefits of using this method:

  1. You can play for a looooooooooong time since the wheel would have to spin 70 consecutive times without hitting your # for you to lose.
  2. You have the psychological benefit of sometimes winning the biggest of the big bets on the LIVE roulette wheel and it sure is nice when then give you this LARGE stack of chips because you hit early on with the plus money!
  3. If you don't win the plus money, then you at least have a method for trying to recover your loss- -and the extra benefit is that you might actually still be able to make money.

Here is what I consider the possible down sides:

  1. If you do use the recovery method (and realise that you are not obligated to use the "recovery" angle)... and then it fails, then you will have lost twice as much as you would have if you had stopped when you lost the first 35 times. However, this is why a commitment is needed to your bankroll. If you are committed then it won't matter that you lost the whole bankroll (besides the simple fact that it sux to lose) because you had to be willing to lose all of it to begin with to play this method.
  2. If you don’t like playing for a long time then this method isn't for you.
  3. There is no real way to say what number is best to start on. But realise this, any number has just as much chance of hitting as any other number. Instead of having to double-up money or bet on probabilities, you have given yourself a fair 35 times to hit your number...a fair 35 times to recover losses...and a means to still turn a loss into a profit.

Personally, I play by simply starting out on the number 1. If #1 hits in the plus money, then I pocket the winnings and move up to number 2. If that wins I go to number 3, and so on, and so on. This way I at least have a sense that I'm progressing towards something. Like I usually try to go from number 1 to 12...if I actually go that far then I'm usually bored by then...but I have gone as far as #22 on this roulette system, pocketing a hefty stack of high dollar chips.

So, you might see how something like this works for you.. I can almost always use this method to make a few hundred over my has on occasion failed me, but se la vi. More often I have won with it.

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