New Barbi System

This system takes courage because it is a progressive betting system and at times you have a lot in play. We are not fans of progression systems but this one works.

However, we know it is a big winner if you wish to try it. We believe this is probably the first and only system that you can sit and play continuously and keep winning at it AS LONG AS YOU PLAY BY THE RULES and play conservatively. We still recommend you set a win walk and walk when you hit it but this system can be played for a long time as long as you don’t mind the quadrupling of bets from time to time to recover losses.

We buy in with 5 stacks / piles of chips. You might have to buy in for another 2 piles if things go bad in order to maintain the proper progression. Start out slow and build up chip values as you build confidence. We start the same as all our roulette systems and chart for 16 spins and then skip the 2 streets that were trending NOT to come out.

Then bet 1 chip per remaining 10 streets. If you win on 1 of the 10 Streets you net 2 chips profit. Skip the street that just hit street and bet the remaining 9 streets. If you win again on 1 of the 9 Streets you net 3 chips. The accumulated net profit for 2 winning spins at a 1x multiple is 5 chips. You are covering 10 streets (81% of the table) or 9 streets (73% of the table). After winning on the 9th Street reset back to your original 10 streets and start over continually betting 10/9/10/9/10/9 etc. If you lose on either a 10 street bet or a 9 street bet then immediately re-set to your original 10 streets and after a loss double all your bets and bet at a 2x multiple. (2 chips per street). If you win on the 10 street (net 4 chips) then remove your bet off that Street that just won and stay at a 2x and bet the remaining 9 streets. If you are fortunate enough to win on this 9 street bet (net 6 chips), reset onto the original 10 streets. However, now you regress your bets to a 1x multiple (1chip per street), if you won all your losses back in the last two 2x bets (4+6=10). If you were unfortunate enough to lose while at 2x (Double) then you should immediately re set your bets onto the original 10 streets. However, now you must bet at 4x multiple (4 chips per street {quadruple}) until you win all your losses back. As soon as you win back your losses you should immediately regress all bets back to the 1x multiple. Think of it this way. Who has the advantage when you are covering 10 streets (81% of the table) or 9 streets (73% of the table)? We do….. at either a 31% advantage or a 23% advantage. We are not fans of progressive betting and certainly not a fan of the martingale however this system has some similarities with one exception it wins. With the even red / black Martingale system you have a 48.64% chance of winning and a 51.36% chance of loosing. (Not very good odds) However, with this doubling system we never have less then a 73% chance of winning, often an 81% chance of winning and we never have more then a 27% chance of loosing. A far cry better then 51.36% chance of loosing on even betting systems.

Getting back to our 10 / 9 Barbi System

We are usually betting 81% of the table or 30 #’s for us and 7 #’s for the house. Obviously we can lose. You can always lose. If we lose we double our bets and re-bet 81% of the table again. What are the odds of loosing 2 times in a row while betting 81% of the table each time? Can it happen? Absolutely and often does. So now we double again and bet 81% of the table again. Very often after the second bet and certainly usually after the 3rd bet we would almost always win back our losses. If you had to bet 3 times and lose the 3rd time you would have bet 90 #’s to the LIVE casinos 21 #’s. You can see that by the 3rd bet you are very likely to win. Since you are doubling after each loss, losses are easy to make up. Besides skipping the last hit street another key to keeping ahead of the casino is a high return on investment. In this case it is 40% and 60% return on the previous loss.

New Barbi Roulette Strategy Chart


The “Bottom Line” with this system is that you win much more than you lose. Does it lose? Yes, sometimes. As strong as it seems to you, always play conservatively because it can lose. The smart thing is to play with a low chip value and limit your losses on a bad luck day. Recognize it early and leave the casino.

Ok, I know it sounds too good to be true. Well it is true. While the downside risk of loosing 3 times in a row while betting 30 out of 37 #’s is small, it is possible so you must be prepared for those days when nothing goes right. The key to this system is not to play with a very large chip value because a quadruple bet is very expensive even using $1 chips. A quadruple bet using $1 chips = $40, using $5 chips = $200, using $25 chips = $1000, using $100 chips = $4,000. Some people might even push 3 losses and double again, which is an 8x bet. You can always consider really pushing your luck and bet at an 8 x multiple however this is a killer if it looses. And if you lose I wouldn’t take the elevator to your room. So far we have rarely ever lost after a third loss so we rarely ever had to bet at an 8x multiple. If you ever have to, you can see from the chart below the amount of damage you can do to your bankroll. It’s not too hard to come   with this system because you are always betting 30 #’s (81%) to the casinos 7 #’s (19%). However, if you lost again at an 8 x bet it takes a long time to recover.

This system does so good it draws attention rather quickly so we recommend hitting and running and / or camouflaging your bets / system.

You should set your win walk between 10 chips net profit to 20 chips net profit or you can actually keep playing until you sense you are drawing attention. As soon as you suspect you are being watched walk off the table. You can prolong this moment a little by using the following suggestions.

I don’t know about you but I also get little embarrassed placing chips on 10 streets. It’s almost like covering the whole table. We shouldn’t be embarrassed because we will be winning more then anyone else and we will be on the table longer without going   into our pockets then anyone else. However, if you are like me there is a way to place your bets so it doesn’t look like you are covering the whole board and you can easily confuse those who are trying to figure out if you have a system. The table diagram below shows you some different variations of placing your bets.

For example, if you were going to cover all 4 streets within any of the 1st ,2nd, or 3rd Dozen then you could place all your chips in that dozen as is shown on the 1st Dozen. Even if you were playing 2 chips or more per street as long as you would be covering all 4 streets than the net payout is exactly the same weather you placed on each individual street or all on the dozen. If you were going to play any 2 streets side by side then whatever # of chips you would place on one street then you can just double it and place them all on the line bet as exampled by the 16/19 line bet below. The net payout is exactly the same here also. The only time you have to bet a street all alone is when you are not betting a street on either of it sides. This also makes it a lot faster and easier to place your bets. However you must remember to remove the last winning bet and then would have to revert to a different betting setup. The only time this may be a problem it if you have betting minimums or betting maximums.

So we advise you to know the various tables you will be going on so you won’t be caught by surprise by being told you can’t bet that way.

New Barbi System Betting Chart

Systems that win will attract attention. To further confuse them I sometimes I ask the pit boss for the time and then bet the #’s they just told me instead of the system for a spin or 2. The best was when I won once. I must have really confused and pissed them off. The Pit Bosses, the sky eye cameras and many other players will be standing around watching you. Casinos can ask you to leave for no reason, especially if you are a high roller and beating them consistently. I’ve never seen it happen and I haven’t been lucky enough for it to happen to me (came close) but if you think there is a danger of this then we recommend the following advice: play low key, look surprised while you are winning, dress like the other players, change tables, play on table with big betters usually found near the High Rollers pit or the Baccarat tables, so your bets and big winnings may be overlooked. Play on crowded tables; change casinos as much as possible and as much as I hate to say this, play stupid and lose sometimes. If you are drawing too much attention, act drunk, ask people for their lucky #s, and add them in, bet odd or even, or red or black or both just to confuse the casino. If you are using $1 chips you wouldn’t have to go through all this but if you were using $25 chips or $100 chips you better remember this advice.

You could also play with value chips so you can just pick your value chips and walk to another table. This makes it more difficult for them to calculate what you’ve won or lost but they still could COMP you and figure time played and average bet. Therefore, if you were doing well it would be wise to walk with VALUE CHIPS in hand rather than cashing in. What you could do as you are winning and getting ready to leave is to ask the dealer to pay you off with higher value chips so you can manage all the chips when you walk. Don’t play with your casino card so the pit boss doesn’t have to watch you as close as the other players who he has to continually rate their play.

As we have said before. The longer you play a system the more it opens up to you. This system has opened enough to show us why it can win consistently. First and the foremost reason is that you are betting 81% of the table most of the time. But it is the regressed bet after a win that keeps us ahead of the house. You would eventually lose if you were to stick on 10 streets and win on them, lose on them, win on them, lose on them ect. You’d be playing the way the casino expects you to play. However, if you win on 10 streets and lose on 9 streets you stay ahead of the casino. This is an oversimplification but this and the covering of 81% of the table is key. If you If you know what you are doing you’ll help make your own luck. If you don’t know what you are doing you will be unlucky “makes sense”.

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