New Roulette Machine System


As most professional gamblers know, the probability that any one of the 37 numbers will be drawnin a single spin is 2.7, or 1/37. The "law of the third" tells us that in a complete cycle of 37 spins, there will be only 24 numbers drawn one or more times, while the other 13 will not appear.

Negative probability is (36/37)37=0.3628 = 36.28%, and 37*0.3628=13.42. 13.42, as you can see, is more likely 14 than 13 numbers.

To obtain more precision, years ago, we found a cycle of 39 spins instead of a cycle of 37. Negative probability is (36/37)39=0.3435 or 34.35%, and 37*0.3435=12.7.

This "long cycle" gives us 13 numbers that will not come out. The following system is based on the "cycle 39" (the Cycle 39 is applicable also for the OO wheel).

It uses only numbers in frequency (normal or super), and excludes the absent ones (joined probability distribution).

It’s very important to remember this basic law, I needed several years to manage it perfectly, if anyone would have any doubt, I invite you to try the New Roulette Machine using a different derived scansions from the “cycle 36” the 18+6. Soon you will notice that the system do not work!

How the system practically work

Every Game is a complete game - do not use the same Table for different games.

Every Game lasts about 30 minutes and you need a total of 26 spins before playing a winning number.

My advice is to use two different pens with two different colors (black and red) and before using the New Roulette Machine Table for the first time it is important to make further copies of it, since one Table is used and discarded for each game.

Circle 19 numbers as they arise in the left columns (spins 1 to 19) and for keeping in mind the count, cancel the corresponding Roman numerals 1 to 19 ( I to XIX), using the black pen.

Using the red pen, circle the next 7 numbers in the right columns (spins 20 to 26), canceling the Arabic numerals (20 to 26) as they arise.

At the end of 26 spins you will see, on average, a minimum of 1 number or maximum of 3 numbers with both a black circle AND a red circle around them, on the New Roulette Machine Table (ex. 15-Red and 15-Black). These are our target numbers.

Play ONLY these target numbers in the following spins!

New Roulette Machine System - Illustration 1

The attack

The number of spins to bet is calculated as follows: 36 / (number of targets).

For example, if there are 3 targets then play should stop if no win occurs by the 12th spin, if there are 2 targets play for 18 spins, if there is only one target (the “En Plein”) bet it for 36 spins. Play also stops after ANY win!

Usually you will bet 2 or 3 number (the 80% of the times) but sometimes you can also obtain 1 or 4 or even 5 numbers to bet. Remember that you must never bet 6 number if they happen.


Theoretical 26 spins: 5,10,19,2,27,30,31,12,7,5,21,31,19,32,36,13,23,5,13,17,9,5,12,9,20,30 etc…

We will circle the first 19 numbers (5,10,19,2,27,30,31,12,7,5,21,31,19,32,36,13,23,5,13) on the New Roulette Machine Table, left columns, with a black pen, and simultaneously we will cancel the first ten Roman Numbers (I, II, III etc…). This is very useful for avoiding errors. As you can see after the first 19 spins we have several number eliminated because appeared more than 1 time (the number 5, 13, 19 and 31), and 10 potential numbers drawn only one time (2,7,10,12,21,23,27,30,32,36). Continuing with the other 7 numbers (17,9,5,12,9,20,30) circling them with the red pen in the right columns we will obtain only two playable numbers, 12 and 30.

We will play these two numbers for 18 spins.

Last advice

The most difficult thing while playing a system, is to follow it correctly.

In a LIVE Dealer roulette casino, the environment, the noise, the adrenalin, all make it very hard to avoid errors while recording the spins.

Do not bet following your instinct; use the system you have!

Always use the same system in a day; do not change or switch it with other systems.

Also if you lose 2 or 3 games consecutively do not change the method, it is only a statistical negative event and you will win more in the following games.

Never use progression while betting. ALWAYS use the same bet from the beginning of the day until the end.

Remember that LIVE roulette is easy to beat, but it is very hard to beat your impatience!

If you follow this advice, winning will be only a formality!

The New Roulette Machine Table

New Roulette Machine System - Example Table

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