The One Dozen Roulette System

This Dozen System was sent in from a friend from South Africa. He is a satisfied customer of our book and plays our Barbi system while he waits for this Dozen System to ripen. He says he has an 80% success rate with our Barbi System as long as you follow the rules.

That % is very realistic and will get a little better as long as you concentrate and gain experience.

However, we thought so much of this roulette system that we had to include it in our continually revised book. In fact, we now use it in conjunction with The Barbi System. It really works. The only downside is that this system is what we call a FILL IN system, because you don't play it continually. Your buy in is for 3 piles of chips. Our Win Walk is 1 pile net profit. Our loss Walk is minus 2 piles +/- from your 3 pile buy in. While you play the Barbi System you wait and watch the table or the Charting board until you see that any dozen hasn't appeared for 5 missed spins. If a dozen has missed 5 spins in a row you immediately stop playing the Barbi System and play with 1 chip (any value) on the Dozen that hasn't appeared in the last 5 spins. Since each Dozen is due to hit 1 in 3.16,after 5 spins it's past due. Will it hit on the 5th spin? Sometimes. If it doesn't you play it again but increase your bet by 1 chip. In fact, each time you lose you add another chip.

After it hasn't come out in 5 spins, you stop playing it. Commit to a point and that is it. Between the 5 missed spins before we started betting and the 5 spins we just lost, it has missed 10 times in a row. We've seen a Dozen miss 20 times. So don't press bad luck. Just sit and wait for another Dozen to miss 5 times in a row and start all over. Now let's talk about what usually happens. It wins. How much you say? Well it differs with each bet.


6 1 2 2

7 2 4 1 3

8 3 6 3 3

9 4 8 6 2

10 5 10 10 0

11 6 12 15 -5

12 7 14 21 -7

From the chart above you can see it doesn't pay to play the 6 & 7th spin, as they lose. Once you hit, you stop betting and go back to the Barbi System and you wait for another Dozen to miss 5 times in a row. Now play that one with a chip. So up to and including your 4th spin you are making money. Moreover, on the 5th spin if you win you break even. Remember, you are playing the dozen that hadn't hit in 5 spins and now you are betting it from the 6th spin to the 10th spin. By now the Dozen probably hit and you made money. Obviously the higher your chip value the more you make. However, don't go crazy because it also looses. Remember it can miss for 20 spins in a row especially when I have money on it. Money management is key here. Add a chip on each new bet and you will profit every time and on (fifth bet), there is no gain, but you've got all your money back. If you lose on the 5th spin stop betting and go back to playing the Barbi System.

This way you make sure it's not one of those long "20 no-hit" runs, don't place bets until it hits again (on that dozen) or at least wait until it has missed 8 more spins. That's 5 original missed spins, 5 lost spins and 8 on hold spins for a grand total of 18 missed spins. At this point it is very safe to go on it again. It probably will not get to that point. However if it does, start betting it again with 1 chip or you could use 2 chips at the start. But you must go up 2 chips on each loss instead of 1 chip increase. Using 2 chips will help you catch up to your previous loss a little faster.

As you know the only problem with the One Dozen System is that you have to wait for a Dozen to miss 5 times prior to betting. You know how impatient we gamblers are to lose our money so we attempt to find something in the interim to play. Any systems that give you the ability to win or at least stick around for a while are fun systems. This system can win big for you but as with all systems you need some amount of luck. Something I seem to leave at home all too often.

Now as far as the above requirements are concerned the "One Dozen" System takes an unusual twist from what we would normally recommend. It calls for playing to the odds and not playing when you don't see a dozen for 5spins. This stand and wait is somewhat unusual and in most casinos. frowned on, however it is good strategy here and key to it's consistent winning.

Stand and wait prevents you from throwing good money after bad. We are strong proponents in experienced players playing to the odds. The positive effect on staying home for 5 missed spins is key, as is going back after 13 missed spins. Both, good, sound odds.

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