OSCAR'S GRIND - The Positive Way

A special thanks to John Manfredi who pointed out my silly mistake about the rules!

OSCAR'S GRIND (or Hoyle's Press) is a Money Management system, a pen-and-paper accounting roulette system. You need pen and paper for this one but that is OK with all LIVE Dealer casinos. Some will only let you use their score-cards but that doesn't matter, as long as it is a piece of paper...

It is easy to learn and to use and the goal for each session is to win exactly one unit (initial bet), like the MARTINGALE system. This can be achieved very quickly - one spin - or it may take ages (and, as usual, may ruin your Bankroll).

The way it works is like this:

  1. #1: Whenever you LOSE, you bet the same bet again
  2. #2: Whenever you WIN...
    1. If your net loss for the session is less than your last bet, you lower the bet to one more than your loss. If you won 7 at the last spin, but you are still down by 2 units for the session, your next bet will be 3 units - one more than you are down.
    2. In all other situations you raise your bet one unit This way, the net result for the session will, eventually, be exactly ONE positive unit / initial bet, and that result ends the session.

(Whops! Forgot to say: ...eventually, if there is no limit to your bankroll or at the table... sorry)

What you will notice, using this system, is that when a session has been going on for some spins (you are down) and you come into a Win - Lose - Win - Lose...-sequence, the only thing happening is that you increase the bets in a dangerous way, risking more and more. To win one single starting bet...

Let's try it... (Casino Baden, Austria, June 26th 1996, 2:57 pm)

Betting RED


Rec Spin: Recorded spin number

Bet: Amount of units bet on RED

Win: Winning number, R = Red, B = Black

Rslt: Positive or negative result of bet

STot: Running total for the session

GdTot: Grand total after each session

OSCAR'S GRIND roulette system chart

Looking good! And this goes on... at spin 150 our Grand Bankroll is +22 units! Another session starts... But hey! What's happening? 14 spins later we're down 17 for the session and must bet another five... OK, we can afford it... Lost! Now wait!

After 40 spins more we're down another 169 (186 down for the session) and are supposed to bet 19 units... Our Grand Bankroll is down 164 units (incl the bet). Sorry to say, before the night ends we have been down 1383 units, plus another 68 units bet, and walk away at closing-time with a total loss of 1042 (-1064 for the session and last bet was 93 u)! Click for the complete day (2nd browser).

But how could this happen? When having a streak of some lossess, some wins, some losses etc., you will find that the bet is steadily increasing and so, when the losses are dominant, you have to make high bets thus risking to lose much and quick. That is exactly what happened; have a look at the last 50 spins in the file (above). We actually work our way up from -1383 units to -695, but while doing so we have increased the bets from 68 to 93! And so; in the last six spins – four losses, one win and another loss - we again lose and this time 369 units, an average of 61.5 per spin!

Now, the goal of this roulette system is to win one unit per session. We have lost 1064 in one session, so there is a need for some 1000 uninterrupted winning sessions here...

What about Black? If the bets are all on Black, we must win because Red lose!

Yes, we won. We had 62 winning sessions before the last one, that ended in -15 after 45 spins, when the table closed. To sum up; we lost 1064 on Red and 15 on Black while we won 22 on Red and 62 on Black - giving the net result of minus 995 units...

Also, you can argue that the above way is a "positive progression" (you raise your bet on a win) and that a "negative progression" might be better. Well, you are right, actually.

Outside Bets

There are more red & even numbers: 28, as compared with red & odd numbers which total: 26; likewise there are more black & odd numbers: 28, when compared to black & even: 26. By selecting black & odds the player is covering 18 blacks plus 10 other red odd numbers. As we are playing black, the player is covering the odds & evens of black, plus by playing odds the player has covered all the 10 odd numbers in red.

So therefore we have a favorable coverage of 28 out of 38 numbers (approx.74%).

The obvious advantage is to make flat bets (no progressions) on red & evens or black & odds.

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