PATIENTS MAN'S Roulette System

Don't laugh this money management method off until you have really tested it. Look at the "rec-gambling-craps" message board where extensive tests on the method were tried on craps about 18 months ago. It has been tested and proven on LIVE roulette and LIVE baccarat as well.

Simply put: you are betting that four consecutive bets in four different games will at some point show a change to the opposite.

The following example is for roulette:

If you want to bet green chips you need a bank of $2,700

If the last spin was Red you bet that there will be a change of color within the next 4 spins.

Bet 1 unit on Black.

If it wins ok you have finished the series.

If Red won again you bet 2 units on Black, lose so bet 4 units, lose so bet 8 units.

If you lose all 4 bets then you change tables.

You begin a new sequence based on the last winning spin of the new table say this is Red again so you bet on Black.

Your sequence now is 2 units, 3 units, 6 units, 12 units.

If no change of colour occurs then you change tables once again.

As before, you bet for a change of colour based on the last spin on this new table.

The new betting sequence is:

3 units, 4 units, 8 units, 16 units.

The 4th sequence (final sequence) is: 4 units, 5 units, 10 units, 20 units.

Every time you win your bet you go back to the beginning.

This is a boring way to play but it does work although you will occasionally find yourself in a really deep hole and it takes a lot of playing to get ahead again.

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